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Where To Go? For Android Suggests Nearby POI, Provides Turn-By-Turn Navigation

Where To Go? is a location-based amenity and point of interest (POI) finder for Android and iOS-powered devices. Based on user preferences and interests, the app fetches relevant search results from no less than 12 location categories and subcategories, and displays them on a map. Whether you’re looking for a nearby ice cream parlor, transportation and education facilities, real estate agents, or want to locate a cardiologist anywhere in the world, this app takes you to the desired location in just a few taps. Categories can be filtered as per requirement, and once an appropriate match is found, you can use the app to get turn-by-turn directions to the selected location. In addition, the app maintains a history your recent searches, and lets you add locations to favourites.


Although, the official Google Maps mobile client and several other navigation apps are quite sufficient when it comes to looking for nearby points of interest, most of them lag behind this app quite considerably in terms of customizability, interactivity and aesthetics. Sporting the looks and features of its iOS counterpart, Where To Go? for Android arranges all the content on its homescreen under various tabs, namely Home, Favorites, Recents, Goodies and Settings.


One of the highlights of the app is the unique, visually pleasing route that it takes to help locate your point of interest. It presents you with a compass under the Home tab, with various location categories arranged all along the circular dial. All you need to do is drag the pointer to or tap the required category. The screen that follows lists all the subcategories under your selection. Just tap the required subcategory to get all relevant locations displayed on a map.

Tapping the List button on the app’s homescreen displays search results in a list. Another useful feature of the app is that it lets you customize each category as per requirement. For instance, you can easily eliminate all junior schools from the list of educational institutions in your vicinity, and/or add a specific subcategory of your own.


While exploring locations on map, you can toggle between list and grid view. The app also lets you view contact numbers, star ratings and reviews of various locations. You can share this info over email.

Can’t decide where to go to pass some time? No problem; just give your device a little shake, and let the app will suggest a random location.


The only annoying aspect of an otherwise great app is the ads that are displayed within it. You can, however, upgrade to the ad-free version of the app for a meager $1. Although the app, with its current set of features is already way ahead of its counterparts, the developer has hinted at adding a lot more goodies in the future updates. Multiple language support and option to access the app’s content while offline are a few of the features that have been promised.

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