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White Pages For WP7: A Complete Contact Directory Of People Near You

Another day, another location-based app for Windows Phone 7. White Pages is a free app which makes use of WP7’s location services (and a huge database) to provide its users with contact data of all the people and businesses near you, just like a big, old-fashioned telephone directory. And you get all that for free, right on your phone. With the White Pages app, you don’t even have to know a business place’s name in order to get information about it. The app lists everything in neat categories, and you can can usually get to the perfect place by simply navigating through the various categories listed in the app. White Pages works for both businesses and people, and you can perform reverse searches on it as well, meaning you will need to put in any phone number to view all its relevant details.

WhitePages HomepageWhitePages Places Category

White Pages is not entirely location-based. Sure, it can give you details of people near you who are listed in the directories, but you can search for virtually anyone on the face of the planet. The homepage boasts three main features. You can search for people, simply by inputting a complete (or even incomplete) name and hitting the looking glass button. Although one does wish the search feature had a filtering option. You can sort results based on names and the genre to which a particular entry belongs to, but there are no filters that could provide a bit more thoroughness to the app. A similar option exists for Business searchwhich helps you find places and important business areas in your locality. That’s not all. Using business search, you can even get directions on a map to get to the searched place.

WhitePages Reverse Search (1)WhitePages Business Search

Arguably the most interesting feature of the app is Reverse search. As clear from the name, you can enter a number and look for particulars associated with that phone number. As with most location-based WP7 apps, White Pages comes with a recent, favorites and nearby tab. You don’t have to search by name or number only, you can search businesses and places through browsing a category by hitting the category tab located in the search area.

For a free app White Pages could prove to be a very handy tool whenever you need to look up a number or find out a person in your area. You can get the app at the web Marketplace link below.

Download White Pages for Windows Phone

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