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ggrep: Grep Based Search And Replace Tool For Windows

Grep is a command line utility which was originally developed for UNIX based operating systems. This text-search utility searches files or standard input for lines matching a regular expression. There are many implementations of grep available. One such implementation can be found in the form of a portable application known as ggrep. It is a search and replace tool to find text strings from codes, log files, and virtually any text file in your system. ggrep supports regex, search by file and folder match and auto detects encoding. The matching text from the search result is displayed in highlighted form and can be instantly replaced by another text string. ggrep, to some extent, has attributes similar to Find and Replace, however, simply being grep-based makes ggrep more effective than the former.

To search, enter a text string, specify a folder and select filters (to include sub-folders, hidden folders, regex and case sensitive). Click Search to continue.

define parameters

ggrep will locate the specified text from text files located in the selected folder and sub-folder (provided the sub-folders option is enabled prior to executing the search).


Once the search is complete, a list of documents containing the specified text will be displayed. To replace the text, type a replacement text in the Replace text box and click Replace.Replace

You can export the search result in a comma delimited CSV file from File –> Save as CSV. Since files can be opened from the search result by double clicking on them, you can specify a default text editor to open text files with. This can be done by going to Tools -> Options and selecting the path of the executable of the text editor.


ggrep is an open source tool that works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download ggrep


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