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Whoovie: Post & Read Movie Reviews From Your Facebook Friends [iPhone]

We are all movie critics to some extent, and most of us have got an opinion about every movie we watch. You might share your views about a particular title with your friends while hanging out, or even over Facebook, as social media is used pretty extensively to share ideas and thoughts about movies. Whoovie is an iOS app that lets you do that in a more streamlined manner. Using this beautiful app, it is possible to write short reviews of any movie, and then publish your review to the app’s own network or to your Facebook and Twitter timelines. Not only that, Whoovie will let you know what your friends think about a movie, and apart from that, the app can be used to check the availability of a title at Netflix or Amazon.

Whoovie Movies Whoovie Review

For now, the only way to log in to Whoovie is via your Facebook account. Undoubtedly, this might seem like a bit of an inconvenience to some users, but the app’s Facebook integration is a key factor in making it a more social an experience for users. Once you have logged in to the app, it is possible to read reviews from your friends or other Whoovie users, and you can do that by searching for any movie. The app’s Movies page lists all the popular titles which are currently trending on Whoovie. To get started, however, users have to tap the ‘+’ button located in the center of the bottom bar. After doing that, search for the desired flick and assign it a rating out of 5 stars. Then, write something about it in less than 140 characters. Users get the option to keep their review just on Whoovie, or publish it to Facebook and Twitter as well.

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With the passage of time, the Feed section of the app will start getting populated with the reviews written by yourself or your Facebook friends. Users get the option to like any review. If you haven’t watched a movie yet, but plan to do so in the future, add it to Watchlist, so that you can read the views of other users before spending your money on it. Speaking of spending money on movies, Whoovie will let you purchase movies from the Amazon store, and you can check any title’s availability and other details on Netflix as well.

For cinema fans who also use Facebook, Whoovie is a must-have app. It is available as a free download at the link below.

Download Whoovie

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