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Why HTC EVO 4G Is Better Than iPhone 4

Steve Jobs did a great job by defining all the so-called magical specs of the new iPhone 4. It was expected that this iPhone will be loaded with loads of features and our speculations seemed to hit bull’s eye at WWDC keynote.

If you are someone who didn’t believe in using Smartphones before WWDC and are now a convert; there are somethings you need to know before you make your final choice to go for an iPhone 4.

Android is also a Smartphone OS which allows you to be as smart as you would be by carrying an iPhone! The only difference is that you have a choice of selecting an Android based device from hundreds already available in the market. Android is basically a Google product so you can well imagine that the growth pattern of this OS is far more steadier than the iPhone.

In this post, keeping everything else aside, we will compare Android’s most powerful handset in the market namely HTC Evo 4G with Apple’s latest iPhone 4.

  1. Evo Supports 4G where as this new iPhone 4 is still a 3G device.
  2. The USB and Wi-FI Tethring function on EVO 4G is much superior and easily do-able where as the new iPhone still struggles to make a mark with this technology.
  3. Android device EVO 4G is completely receptive and accommodating to the concept of cloud computing where you simply push an intent from your computer to your phone. We have yet to see something like this from the iPhone.
  4. Voice Search and input is already tweaked and perfect-ionized by Google for android. Whereas the iPhone “will” have it at a time yet unknown.
  5. iPhone 4 might boast of a Retina Display, which logically only means a higher resolution, but then again do you want those many pixels on a device which you need for the purpose of basic and advanced communications? There are numerous Android devices available which already have a high resolution display.
  6. We all are different people with different choice and options. This is a universal truth so how come every one is going to fall for the shape and structure of the “a bit squarish” iPhone 4 this time? Android OS is so flexible, that you will find high tech devices from every other leading mobile phone manufacturer in the world. HTC, Motorola, Acer, Sony Ericsson, Huawei and the list is expanding leaps and bounds.
  7. EVO 4G supports high quality video chat over 4G servers whereas iPhone 4 still needs another “iPhone 4GS” perhaps, to acquire this capability. iPhone 4 has a video chat option but only if Wi-Fi is available and hence Wi-Fi is not that common when you are yourself “mobile” and looking to do visual chatting.
  8. If you are a music and other media fan and already own an iPhone, then you must know that you have connect to iTunes every times you need music and before that converting is a whole different process. The flexibility of Android devices is that you can actually simply copy and past any thing any media file to your SD card and there you go!

So these are only 8 noticeable edges of Evo 4G device over the iPhone 4. Now, the decision rests on you whether to get a power-packed Android device or an iPhone.

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