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Why HTC EVO 4G Is Better Than iPhone 4

Steve Jobs did a great job by defining all the so-called magical specs of the new iPhone 4. It was expected that this iPhone will be loaded with loads of features and our speculations seemed to hit bull’s eye at WWDC keynote.

If you are someone who didn’t believe in using Smartphones before WWDC and are now a convert; there are somethings you need to know before you make your final choice to go for an iPhone 4.

Android is also a Smartphone OS which allows you to be as smart as you would be by carrying an iPhone! The only difference is that you have a choice of selecting an Android based device from hundreds already available in the market. Android is basically a Google product so you can well imagine that the growth pattern of this OS is far more steadier than the iPhone.

In this post, keeping everything else aside, we will compare Android’s most powerful handset in the market namely HTC Evo 4G with Apple’s latest iPhone 4.

  1. Evo Supports 4G where as this new iPhone 4 is still a 3G device.
  2. The USB and Wi-FI Tethring function on EVO 4G is much superior and easily do-able where as the new iPhone still struggles to make a mark with this technology.
  3. Android device EVO 4G is completely receptive and accommodating to the concept of cloud computing where you simply push an intent from your computer to your phone. We have yet to see something like this from the iPhone.
  4. Voice Search and input is already tweaked and perfect-ionized by Google for android. Whereas the iPhone “will” have it at a time yet unknown.
  5. iPhone 4 might boast of a Retina Display, which logically only means a higher resolution, but then again do you want those many pixels on a device which you need for the purpose of basic and advanced communications? There are numerous Android devices available which already have a high resolution display.
  6. We all are different people with different choice and options. This is a universal truth so how come every one is going to fall for the shape and structure of the “a bit squarish” iPhone 4 this time? Android OS is so flexible, that you will find high tech devices from every other leading mobile phone manufacturer in the world. HTC, Motorola, Acer, Sony Ericsson, Huawei and the list is expanding leaps and bounds.
  7. EVO 4G supports high quality video chat over 4G servers whereas iPhone 4 still needs another “iPhone 4GS” perhaps, to acquire this capability. iPhone 4 has a video chat option but only if Wi-Fi is available and hence Wi-Fi is not that common when you are yourself “mobile” and looking to do visual chatting.
  8. If you are a music and other media fan and already own an iPhone, then you must know that you have connect to iTunes every times you need music and before that converting is a whole different process. The flexibility of Android devices is that you can actually simply copy and past any thing any media file to your SD card and there you go!

So these are only 8 noticeable edges of Evo 4G device over the iPhone 4. Now, the decision rests on you whether to get a power-packed Android device or an iPhone.


  1. speaking as someone who owns a htc evo, i would not recomend it to anyone.
    sure its 3d, takes decent photos and is 4G, the novelty wears off quickly.
    the phone is EXTREMELY slow, the 3d messes up constantly, the battery life is terrible, and will even die quickly without using it, and the more i seem to use it the worse it gets, im looking to get the iphone 4, its more user friendly and easier to sort out the problems

  2. I personally agree. I LOVE MY EVO my best friend has an iPhone and I also did in the past but it doesn’t compare!

  3. I think the EVO is and better phone and all this bs talk doing on here is bs we are just talking bout two phones not one another

  4. Oh yeah, I have the Epic 4G and even that whoops the iPhone 4. Multi-Tasking on an iPhone is a fucking joke. And as far as battery life goes for the Evo or any android just go settings, then accounts and sync, and turn off background data. It does wonders for your battery.

  5. I agree. Both phones have great qualities. The 5 mega pixel camera on the iPhone 4 does have better resolution than the 8 mega pixel camera on the evo 4G. That’s one good point for the iPhone 4. The speed of the iPhone 4 is greater than that of the evo 4G. That’s only because Sprint only offers 4G in some areas. Not because the evo 4G is inferior to the iPhone 4 in any way. If you are in an area that has 4G coverage, then that factor becomes obsolete. So no points for iPhone in that area. Having to drag and drop to put music on your phone is not only prehistoric, it’s annoying. That’s what needs to be done in order to put music on your iPhone 4. Also, having to connect to itunes and having to pay in order to download music worth listening to is a rip off. Being able to utilize apps like mp3 music downloader and music box is key to your music experience. Not only can you download straight to your phone without having to drag and drop, it’s free. No hideous charges. This is available only on Android. So, one good point for the evo 4G. I downloaded an app called romgripper for my evo 4G which allows me to play almost every game ever created for the Atari, sega genesis, Nintendo, super Nintendo, etc… Great app for game heads. IPhone 4 has a similar app, but you have to jailbreak your phone in order to download it. Jailbreaking your phone voids the warranty! Why would anyone void their warranty for an app? One more good point for the evo 4G. Yes the battery life for the evo 4G sucks. Anyone who owns an evo 4G and denies this is a liar. However, they made a bigger battery with an extended back to fit the e o 4G. Yes, it modifies the look of the phone but it solves the problem of having a phone with a battery life that sucks. So, if you don’t want to carry around a charger, stop being cheap and go buy the extended battery for your phone. This makes the longevity of the iPhone 4’s battery obsolete, but no points for the evo 4G. I can go on and on. The iPhone 4 has better accessories. The evo 4G has a better better app market. More to offer for free. What truly makes the evo 4G a better phone than the iPhone 4 is the operating system. Android is the simplest, easiest system to work in the world. You can be totally computer illiterate and become a genius at using the Android operating system. This is a fair assessment. I own both the evo 4G and an ipod touch 4G. So yes. These are facts and I do know what I am talking about. If you want to be limited to what you can do with your phone, buy the iPhone 4. If you want to experience limitless possibilities, buy the evo 4G! That just about sums it up. If you bi-curious smartphone users have any logical questions, please address them to me, lmiller3 and I will do my best to answer them. Till then, I will be enjoying my EVO 4G. Bye, Bye!

  6. iPhones suck anyways. Only people with no technical ability or knowledge buy apple products.

    The main reason is because they think they never break. Ohhhhhhhh boy, if I had a nickle for every apple fan boy with a hardware problem I’d be rich.

    HaHaHa 🙂

  7. Who cares about sentence structure? I understood perfectly what he wrote. I wish people would stick to the discussion and quit trying to belittle others. I personally think that the Iphone 4 is attractive, but i also like the HTC Evo. They are both very nice phones. That being said, without getting into details, I think that the HTC Evo has an advantage in many more areas.

  8. I failed to address Point 8 properly.
    You do have a point there. You can get music on an Android much easier when you are away from home. There are workarounds for the iPhone/iPod though. I store Floola on the USB disk portion, you just run it for there and drag/drop music.

    I’m not much of a pirate, I like to buy things and support my favorite artists. I really enjoy being able to buy a song via iTunes right on the phone and have it download right over the cell tower in seconds. You can play the song immediately and then it get’s synced back to your PC the next time you plug in.

    Also, that 8 megapixel camera takes pictures like a 2 mega pixel camera. The iPhone’s 5 megapixel camera takes pictures like an acutal 5 megapixel camera. They kept the megapixel’s lower and increased the size of the sensors instead, improving it’s performance for indoor pictures. When you add in backside-illumination and HDR processing, the iPhone wins hands-down camera-wise.

    My girlfriend’s HTC Incredible has an 8 Mega pixel camera. We’ve compared our photos and she admits that mine look way better. That’s why I gave her my old Canon camera to use. I just use my iPhone.

  9. EVO 4G! My friend has one. He said the battery life is so bad he’d rather have any other phone.
    EVO 4G is only on Sprint too.

    4G service is not availble in most locations, so point 1 is moot

    Point 2 is bunk, the Verizon iPhones do both of those things fine, not sure about AT&T (but who would choose AT&T over Verizon?)

    Point 3 is crap – I sync Google mail, calendar and contacts with my iPhone with immediate push. Google has detailed instructions on their site for setting it up.

    4 – Dragon Naturally Speaking app. That’s all I have to say.

    5 – Retina display is really beautiful looking, it enhances even the most mundane tasks. Why wouldn’t you want it? Android phones don’t have near that resolution. You can’t have “too much” resolution. Why would you list this as an advantage for EVO 4G? You just argued against yourself, lol.

    6 – Is a point for Android, not he EVO 4G phone itself. Though more phones does not necessarily mean better phones.

    7 is true for now, but once iPhone skype video chat is out that won’t be a problem. If EVO 4G requires a 4G connection to video chat, then that does me NO good. 4G coverage is so limited!

    8 – Is bunk. The iPhone is a iPod, you know it’s a great music player. iTunes can handle any format except OGG vorbis. Nobody uses OGG except for crazy Linux geeks. 99.9% percent of people have no use for these oddball formats.

    • you are obviously jealous of the EVO 4G, you mac people make me sick.
      the amount of time you spent prooving him wrong you could have been doing something useful, like buying the EVO.

    • F-U_C_K YOU iphone is the gayest overpriced piece of S_H_I_T to ever exist ok so shut the F_U_C_K up you apple fanbay piece of S_H_I_T

  10. i have the htc hd and i think the picture on the cam is much better than the iphone cam and i also think htc have done a smarter moudle of a phone than the iphone4

  11. Yea its really going to be interesting to see how Apple is going to bounce back from the blow it took from the HTC Eco 4g. This could possibly be the beginning of the end of the Iphone fad.

    • ye thats the only way,im using fring on evo. but evo still beats the iphone4 hands down! for now!

  12. CommonSense,

    If you are going to correct someone’s syntax, it might be a good idea to do so in proper form. The phrase or clause “Atrocious sentence structure,” is not a complete sentence. It lacks a subject.

    • “CommonSense,
      If you are going to correct someone’s syntax, it might be a good idea to do so in proper form. The phrase or clause “Atrocious sentence structure,” is not a complete sentence. It lacks a subject.”

      Atrocious sentence structure has a subject (sentence structure.) It does however lack a predicate otherwise known as a verb. You may also want to make sure you have it together when criticizing someone.

  13. “Whereas no iPhone has been able to do this and not this iPhone 4 has anything like this integrated.”

    I hope nobody was paid to write this. Atrocious sentence structure. Is English your first language?

    • If you are having him fix grammatical errors anyway, you may as well have him remove the unnecessary and trite “more” in “. . . this OS is far more steadier than the iPhone.”

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