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Wi-Fi Analytics Tool: A Comprehensive WiFi Network Analysis App For Android

Android users have the luxury of picking from plenty of device monitoring and performance tracking apps (Elixir II being one of the most comprehensive of the lot) to keep a close tab on the resources that are being consumed by either the operating system or the various applications that run on it. Developed by a WiFi solutions company called Amped Wireless, Wi-Fi Analytics Tool is yet another app from said genre that, as suggested by its name, has been specifically designed to keep you informed of the various Wi-Fi networks that lie in the range of your device and optimize them accordingly.

The app extends its support to analyzing various facets of any connected/disconnected Wi-Fi network that has been detected by the device and displays comprehensive information about its different parameters ranging from channel interference to signal strength through graphs and statistical analyses.

As of now, the app supports analyzing the following aspects of (detected) Wi-Fi connection(s):

  • Wi-Fi Scanner
  • Channel Interference
  • Channel Graph
  • Signal Graph
  • Signal Meter

Note: Before using the app, make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled on your device or preferably, your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.


Upon launch, the app opens to the Wi-Fi Scanner screen which contains all the active/detected Wi-Fi networks. On said screen, you can view brief information about each network such as the network ID, signal strength (in percentage as well as in dB) and channel ID. Also on this page, you have the option to specify the auto-scan frequency of all the networks (in seconds). You may also toggle this feature on/off. To manually update network status, just tap the Scan Now button.

From the same screen, you may also sort various Wi-Fi connections alphabetically or by their signal strength by tapping Menu > Sort. Tapping on a connection takes you to the Wi-Fi Settings page from where you may connect to your preferred network.


In order to switch to any other Wi-Fi analysis screen, tap Menu > Menu and pick a category of your liking, or you may simply swipe left/right on your screen.

From the Channel Interference screen, you can check the SSID of your active Wi-Fi connection and view current channel, number of networks, recommended channels and the clarity of each individual channel. The Scan Now button lets you manually update all aforementioned information.

The Channel Graph screen displays the signal strength of each detected Wi-Fi network on a bar graph in relevance to the channel through which it is connected. You can choose which networks are displayed on the graph by selecting Menu > Filter. The Signal Graph screen offers better comparative analysis of detected Wi-Fi networks with respect to time. This chart, just like the Channel Graph, is updated automatically with every passing second and lets you filter displayed networks.


Finally, the Signal Meter screen can be availed to monitor the signal strength of each detected Wi-Fi connection on a simple, color-coded meter that represents signal strengths (in dBm) for the selected network. The most fascinating part of this meter is the Sound toggle which, when enabled, alerts you of changing signal strength through beeps. The stronger the connection/signals, the more frequent are the beeps. This feature can prove to be useful while you’re walking around a room looking for a point where the WiFi signal strength is highest.

All in all, Wi-Fi Analytics Tool is a useful app to have on your device, especially if you’re often surrounded by multiple Wi-Fi networks or have problems looking for the right spot to place your Wi-Fi router at home.

Download Wi-Fi Analytics Tool for Android


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