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Wiki Talking Tours For WP7 Is A Talking Geographic Encyclopedia

Are you a frequent traveller? Would you like to know more about the countless places you pass by during your journeys? If you own a Windows Phone 7 device, we have just the app for you. Wiki Talking Tours for Windows Phone 7 is a free location-based app that indicates geotagged Wikipedia articles on a map complete with the distance (in miles or kilometer) from your current location, allowing you to view detailed information on locations near you. When invoked, it begins reading the introductory portion of each article aloud, automatically starting with the ones tagged closest to you.

central-park-aerial-view details

As more and more of us have started to use smartphones, their use as multi-purpose powerful handheld computers that bring many of our devices into one is setting new standards in all fields of computing. One awesome field amongst these is augmented reality, which is basically using a computing device to augment the way you experience and interact with the real world around you, by offering a virtual interaction or presentation layer over it. Several augmented reality apps have already made their way to popular smartphone platforms and Wiki Talking Tours is one of those, offering geographic information about your surroundings based on where you are, and that too in audio format. Sounds like something from a sci-fi movie from the future? It sure does!

The interface of the app is quite straight-forward and shows you a map view of your surroundings, with purple speech bubbles denoting the places of interest around you and some information about them. So the next time you set off on a long, possibly boring journey, simply connect your headset to your phone, launch Wiki Talking Tours, tap the play button and let the text-to-speech engine fill you in on nearby locations. And if you feel like digging deeper, simply tap a tagged location and select more from below the introductory/preview text to read the complete Wikipedia article for said location. In this way, the app not only updates you on what’s around, but also encourages you to explore your surroundings for more. Many of us might be surprised at discovering all the places of interest right around us in our own towns that we never really paid attention to before.

What’s best? Wiki Talking Tours is free! So get the explorer inside you to work, download the app for free from Windows Phone Marketplace via the link provided below and get exploring all the fascinating places around you, no matter where you go.

Download Wiki Talking Tours

[via WMPoweruser]

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