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Winamp Audio Player For Android Brings Wireless Music Sync

Winamp, a famous music player has been present on desktops for more than a decade. It finally made its way to Android and is completely free. According to the developers, it offers a complete media management solution. In this article we will review this app in detail and see up to what extent it is a complete solution.

This app, which still in its beta testing phase, gives you full control over your music. Wi-Fi and USB music synchronization allows you to sync your music libraries with Winamp desktop player. It can set your device to auto sync every time you connect to computer via a USB cable. For syncing wirelessly, Winamp desktop player is required.


Quick search can be done for a playlist, album or music with a single tap. By doing a long tap on a song name, search can be performed for your favorite artist on web browser, as well as using YouTube app. Moreover, it comes with a handy widget. All your basic music controls are present right on the home screen via this widget.


As an added feature, Last.FM can be accessed as well but it requires the installation of Last.FM app. Winamp for Android is a simple and easy to use music player with full wireless sync capability!

Download Winamp Desktop Beta For Android for WiFi sync

Install Winamp App from AppBrain For Android or scan the QR Code.

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