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Wings Of Fury: Classic Flight Action From The WWII Era [Android]

Being a flight simulation fan, at some part of your life you might have come across the name Wings of Fury, a classic action/flight simulator game that lets you take control of an American plane from the World War II era. The game was an instant success and garnered mostly positive reviews from gamers. Hold on to that nostalgia a little more, because the game has now landed on the Android platform to deja-vu it all over again. Wings Of Fury (yeah they kept the original name) is a 2D action game (with some simulation factors, of course) that is here to test your piloting skills. With its addictive gameplay and classic feel, you might instantly get intertwined with those old memories. Die-hard flight simulation fans may not find it satisfying enough, but casual gamers are bound to find it a delightful treat to whet their appetites. The game is pretty fun to play but also requires a little getting used to. Does it fare well with the original title, came out a long ago? We are here to find out.

The game consists of three different difficulty levels, ranging from Easy and Normal to Hard. When you hop into the game for the first time, head to the settings menu and set the Inverted Axis to No (just a personal preference though, but it makes it a bit easier to control the plane).

Wings of Fury Gameplay

The main goal of the player is to destroy all the Anti-aircraft guns and troops on the opposing island, and land back safely. You may destroy enemies and land back multiple times to get refuel or switch your arms. The core gameplay is simple, but, as mentioned earlier, requires some time to get used to. As far as the HUD is concerned, you have the Fuel & Oil meters on the upper left side, along with a throttling slider, a virtual joystick to control tilt and elevation, and two fire triggers to wipe out your foes.

The graphics and overall design of the game is pretty conventional, and it seems it didn’t get any love from the developer. But that’s what one would expect from a classic action game anyway.

Wings of Fury level clear

Wings of Fury has both a free and a $1.54 version (with extra levels) is available for free on the Google Play Store. You can download it to your phone from the link provided below.

Download Wings of Fury Arcade

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