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Wiz Tiles For WP7: Customize The Text, Color & Icons Of Live Tiles

It seems the trend of Live Tile customization apps for Windows Phone 7 is growing. Just recently, we covered two apps from said genre, namely Skinery (which offers custom themes for tiles of stock apps only) and Themes For WP7 (offers better theming options, but for unlocked WP7 devices only). New to the Windows Phone Marketplace, Wiz Tiles makes some nice new additions to the genre. Like Skinery, it only lets you customize the tiles for stock apps, but in addition to selecting a background image of your choice for each tile, the app lets you set custom icons, titles and text. More after the break.

wiz tiles themes design dtails

Wiz Tiles launches to a screen filled with Live Tiles for all the stock apps such as Browser, Map, Status, Phone etc. Tap any of these Live Tiles to change their color, text, icon and background images. Once your done with customizing the tiles, you can pin them to the Start screen, save the entire theme to the app’s collection or discard it.

set colorur tiles pink tiles image tiles

Wiz Tiles offers a wide variety of icons for each category that you can access by tapping icon when you are customizing a particular Live Tile. Similarly, you can pick a color of your choice for each Live Tile from a color palette. There is also the option of choosing a background picture from your Photos hub. The images you choose for a particular Live Tile get saved in the apps repository and can be accessed later from within the app to customize another Live Tile.In addition, there are many Windows Phone 7 Live Tiles Theme available on the internet that you can use with the app by entering the URL of the website where these themes are available in the Wiz Tiles Download Themes section.

There is one disadvantage of using tiles created with Wiz Tiles, though. The tiles do not point directly to the apps that they are meant to launch. That is, when you tap a custom tile created with the app, it first launches Wiz Tiles to determine the app that has to be run, displaying the Wiz Tiles splash screen each time, making you wait a couple of extra seconds.

Wiz Tiles has set the bar higher for Live Tile customization, and is certainly worth a try if you are bored of looking at the same solid color on your Start screen day after day. The app is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace, and can be downloaded from the link provided below.

Download Wiz Tiles

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