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WNM Live For iPhone: Make New Friends & Chat With People Near You

It doesn’t happen too often that an app is released for iOS after it has been around on Windows Phone 7 for quite a while, but WNM Live is one such rare app. The app has just been released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, and it has all the components which made it a success on WP7. WNM Live is basically a social network, but instead of letting you interact with people you know, it allows you to make new friends based on your location and interests. Continue after the jump for details.

WNM Live Stream WNM Live Online People

If you already have an account for the WP7 version of WNM Live, you can use that to login to the iOS app. Even if you don’t have one, signing up is easy and can be done by just providing your email ID and a new password. The first section of the app to which you are taken is the Live Stream, and it consists of all the public posts made by users near you. The feed can be sorted on the basis of your location, and the time at which the posts were made. You can also choose to follow a particular person or topic, and updates from those entities will appear in the Watched menu. You can leave your comments on any post you like by hitting the blue bar below each post. In the People section of WNM Live, you can take a look at the users of the app who are located near you. WNM Live will also let you know which users are online, and you can start chatting with them straightway, without the need to add the person to your contacts. Apart from online chat, WNM Live has a separate menu for offline Messages.

WNM Live Profile WNM Live Gifts

Whenever you navigate to a WNM Live user’s profile, the app will display their usage stats, like the time when they were last online, and their current distance from you. You can also see the person’s age, gender and a short bio on their profile. WNM Live has a badge system of its own, in which different badges are bestowed upon users when they attain a specific landmark related to app usage. A profile has a separate section for Photos, in which albums can be created, as well. However, you have to remember that everything you share on WNM Live is public, and anyone can view the items. In addition to chatting and sending messages, you can send virtual gifts (flowers or flashy text) if you don’t have anything to say, but would still like to start a conversation.

WNM Live Post WNM Live Settings

In the Settings menu of the app you get to define your preferences for finding users, so that only relevant suggestions are made to you by WNM Live. This means you can choose to only see users with photos, or if they belong to a particular gender. The app, like its WP7 counterpart, is free, and an Android version is promised to be coming soon. You can get this fun app by going to the download link below.

Download WNM Live

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