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Wonder Kids For iPhone & iPad Makes Learning Fun For Children

If you’ve got kids, and want to keep them busy for hours while you can catch up on some important work, an iPhone or iPad can prove to be your best friend. Out of the staggering number of apps available in the App Store, there are quite a few that are focused on children of all ages. However, if you want to make this distraction educational, Wonder Kids is the app you are looking for. This app, available for both iPhone and iPad, helps children learn new stuff and improve their creativity by allowing them to do a number of fun tasks, like coloring, drawing, solving word puzzles and other similar activities. Read on past the break for more about this cute little app.

Wonder Kids iOS Home Wonder Kids Settings

The main page of Wonder Kids lists all the available character sets. You have to make in-app purchases to unlock most of the suites, but one is free, and it is full of activities that should prove to be enough for your child for quite a long time. Right from the app’s start, you will hear a background music, and you can toggle it off from the Settings menu within the app.

Wonder Kids Store Wonder Kids Animals

Once you enter the free suite (marked by a small giraffe), Wonder Kids will present you with all the relevant activities for unlocked animals. To get started, choose any activity and you will be taken to the main animal screen. The app will speak out the animal’s name and one identifying characteristic. It is possible to switch the language of the speech among Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. Use the arrows to change the animal. You can view the list of all available animals if you tap the grid button in the top right corner.

Wonder Kids Coloring Wonder Kids Jigsaw Wonder Kids Drawing

Hitting the main picture of the animal will start the activity you chose previously. In coloring mode, just select the color from the bottom bar (and its shade from the popup bar which will appear above it), and hit the enclosed area you want to color. That area will be filled with the selected color. In case you want to try coloring the picture manually, go for Drawing. Apart from these activities, Wonder Kids also offers Jigsaw puzzles, Bingo and photo matching for each animal. The photos colored or drawn by your kids can be saved to the camera roll as well.

If you’ve got kids, give Wonder Kids a try. The app is universal and free, and even if you don’t make all the in-app purchases, it will be quite enough for your kids for a pretty long time.

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