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Wootstar: Get The Best Woot Deals On Your iPhone/ iPad

Shopping is an art, as no one likes to buy something and later find out that they could have purchased it for less. This is the reason there are many services over the internet which let you find the best deals on various items, and many people like to consult them before they actually buy something. Same is the case with iOS apps, and the App Store is full of apps which are designed to keep you up to date with the hottest deals in the market right now. Woot is one such source on the internet, and if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, now you can stay apprised of the latest deals on Woot (and all its subsidiaries) in one place. Wootstar is an app which will gather all Woot deals for you, and you can order anything you like from within the app.

Wootstar iPhone Wootstar Home

Wootstar has 5 sections on its main page, which is updated as soon as a new deal comes along on Woot, and the sections include deals for kid items, wines, home accessories, T-shorts,toys and just about everything you might be craving for. The main page has a rather striking interface, with an image of the discounted product displayed, overlaid with the name and price of the item. You can also see whether the item on offer is new or used. To get to the product page of the advertised item, just tap it, and the main page will slide to the left, revealing more details about the offer.

Wootstar Product Wootstar Size Chart

On the product page of each deal, you get to see its description, price (with shipping cost) and condition. If you use your Woot account, or any other social media service (like Facebook) you can comment on the item, and even share it with your friends. The best thing about the offered deals on Wootstar is the supporting material you might get. For example, if you are looking for a shirt, the app has its own Sizing chart, which will help you in deciding which size of the shirt will fit you best. If you like a deal you find on the app, you can order the product straight away from within the app using the I want one! button, which will require the use of a Woot account.

If you like shopping online, and are a fan of Woot, Wootstar is a must-have app.

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