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WordPress v2.0 For Android Brings Revamped UI, Easier Text Editing & More

WordPress is certainly among the most extensively used blogging tools and online Content Management Systems out there. The official WordPress client for Android has been around in the Android Market for quite some time now, but compared to the website itself, said client was a far cry in terms of the editing features that it offered. However, things have changed quite drastically with the recent update that the app has received. The updated (v2.0) WordPress client comes packed with a brand new Dashboard, post editor and Quick Action toolbar with rich text editing options as well as full support for Android tablets.


The new dashboard displays all the core WordPress features and is accessible from almost anywhere within the app’s UI via a button that sits in the top-right corner of the screen. Among other options on the bar at the top of the app’s homescreen, you have the choice of switching between multiple blogs from the dropdown menu, and refresh the app’s content manually.


The aforementioned Quick Action toolbar remains visible just above the keyboard while you’re editing your posts, while in previous versions, you had to scroll all the way to the bottom of the post to find them. Not only does the new toolbar make it extremely easy to edit text and add required media content, it comes packed with a few new options as well, such as inserting quotation marks and page breaks. Tapping the camera icon on this toolbar lets you capture fresh photos or videos, import existing media from the gallery, and add it to the post. For each image that you add, you are presented with the choice to rename it, insert a caption, adjust its alignment and dimensions. Each post that you create can also be previewed before publishing, that is, you can view what the post will look like on the blog itself, and determine if you need to make any changes to the format.

A lot of users would agree that the current version of the app is what it should have been from the start. These seemingly minor changes have increased the usability of the app manifold, making it a tool that could actually eliminate the need to use the WordPress web interface for bloggers who tend to move around a lot. Watch the official demo video of WordPress 2.0 below for a quick overview of the new features.

Download WordPress (v2.0) for Android

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