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WordPress For Android v2.1 Auto-Saves Posts, Lets You Edit Comments

With the passage of time, app stores of both renowned mobile platforms, iOS and Android, have seen numerous blogging tools/ apps emerge to the fore, but when it comes to becoming a primary choice, not many users will bet against WordPress. That said, the official mobile of the much revered blogging tool has been a far cry as compared to the service itself. When it comes to discussing, the companion app of the service on Android, things unfortunately look a lot more bleak. There have been some drastic measures taken at frequent intervals to rectify the issue; a testament of which was seen in the form of a totally revamped WordPress for Android v2.0 that was rolled out in December last year with a host of new features and improvements that resolved some very important issues that users had with it up until then. The developers have just released a new public beta of v2.1, which adds a few more sought-after features to the mix, critical updates and performance improvements. The most noticeable improvement in the updated version is the auto-save feature that automatically saves your posts after every 60 seconds. In addition, users can now resize the width & height of the images added within posts, and edit post comments. The app’s native WordPress reader to add more efficiency in navigation through posts and the option to add your own comments.

The new version also brings some small but useful changes in the main UI. For instance, the reader screen now sports a share button and the delete button on the preview screen has been reposition at the bottom-left corner of the screen. This makes sense, as you no longer have to worry about accidentally pressing the delete button while looking to share, edit or preview a post.


As mentioned earlier, the auto-save option for posts is, by far, the biggest change in the update. With your posts being saved automatically after every single minute, you no longer need to fear losing progress in case the app crashes, your device reboots or you make a huge error.

Since the app is in beta, the developers are requesting maximum user response so that they may be able to gauge the effectiveness of all the features included within the update. WordPress 2.1 for Android is yet to hit the Google Play Store, however, you can download the beta release via the official WordPress blog.

Download WordPress v2.1 Beta for Android

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