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Work+ For iPhone: Find Suitable Places To Work & Increase Productivity

We have all been there – you can’t go to office, or want to work from home, and the conditions in your apartment are not suitable for working (noisy neighbors, no internet connection, etc). The availability of laptops today ensures that you can carry your work with you anywhere you want, and that means you can pick any place to work, but which place to pick? You don’t have to worry about that anymore if you are an iOS user, as Work+ for iPhone takes care of this problem pretty neatly. Based on the requirements you outline, the app will find the most suitable place for you to work situated near your current location.

Work  iOS Work  Places

There are two ways of searching for a suitable place to work via Work+; you can search the app for a particular keyword (like Wi-Fi), or you can adopt the more intuitive method of defining your needs and letting the app look for places according to the defined parameters. The options which can be outlined include whether you have a laptop, how many people are there with you, for how long do you intend to work and so on. You can also look for quiet or noisy places using Work+, depending upon your need. When everything is set, hit the Search button and the app will present you with all matching results, which are locations near you. Against each displayed result, you get to see its distance from you, and by tapping it, you can view other relevant information about it.

Work  Place Work  Time Work  Map

Work+ can also be used to keep track of your work hours by checking in to places after which the app will continue logging the time you stay and work there. Work+ gives improved results if you log in to your Foursquare account within the app. If you are logged in, you will be able to rate the places you work in, and share your experience with other users. A log of all your Work+ activities is maintained by the app, and if you really like a place you can add it to your Favorites. In the Nearby section you can view, on a map, all the places in your area which allow visitors to do their work there. In this menu you can also look for particular genre of places, like coffee shops and restaurants.

Work+ brings a pretty new concept to the table, and you can try it out for free by heading to the download link below.

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