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WP Shortcut Tiles: Add Settings Tiles To WP7 Mango Start Screen

After months of anticipation and speculation, the release of Windows Phone 7’s latest update (Mango) has finally been confirmed. It is slated to be released within two weeks, with the AT&T roll-out expected on 27th September (just 3 days away!). WP Shortcut Tiles is a useful little Mango app which takes advantage of the new functionalities the latest update of the metro OS has to offer. Most of the apps we have seen in the past weeks have been based upon two major improvements – the ability to allow third party apps to run in the background, and the privilege to customize live tiles. This handy little app (which is pretty similar to ConnectivityShortcuts) deals with the latter. To improve the user experience and make the OS more efficient, you can pin system shortcuts, settings toggle and a bunch of other really useful tiles to the Start screen of your device.

WP Shortcut TilesPinned Shortcuts

The app combines two seemingly disjoint tasks. It adds shortcuts for settings to your phone’s start screen as tiles. But it also lets you share your status or any other message across multiple networks with a single click. This means no matter how many accounts you have got set up on your phone, a single tap on the Share Status tile will allow you to update your status on your Facebook, Windows Live and Twitter accounts simultaneously. This feature is pretty similar to the Me tile that comes integrated by default in the People hub.

But Share Status is just a bonus feature. What does the app really do? WP Shortcut Tiles, as the name implies, lets you choose from among the 6 most used settings options and pin them to your Start screen so you can change the setting at any time. The available settings options are:

  • Cellular settings
  • Airplane Mode
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth settings
  • New mail
  • New SMS

The last two options are something unique to this app. You don’t have to navigate to the SMS or mail menu to get in touch with your contacts, all you need are these tiles.

The color of the tiles will, of course, match your current theme, and you can remove all shortcut tiles with a single tap on the unpin button within the app. WP Shortcut Tiles is a free app. Head on over to the Marketplace via the Zune link provided below to download it to your device.

Download WP Shortcut Tiles

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