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WPH Tweaks: Customization Options For Unlocked WP7 Devices [Homebrew]

Windows Phone Hacker’s new homebrew, Tweaks, might not be something like the previously released Bazaar for Windows Phone 7 devices, but the rather small collection of tweaks offered by this WPH app is pretty impressive in its own right. If you own a Mango phone that is interop unlocked, then there is no way you are not going to like this homebrew. Some of the tweaks offered by WPH might not be new, but some are, and even for older ones, it is nice to have them in one place, where you can use them with convenient toggle buttons. Read on to know everything about all the options WPH Tweaks brings to WP7.

WPH Tweaks WPH Tweaks Customizations

There are two main sections of the app, one listing all the useful tweaks, while the other has customization options and a few experimental features. Here are the awesome things you will be able to do with this homebrew.

  • Hide Clock: If, for any reason, you want to get rid of the ever-present time display on the top right of your screen, toggle this option on.
  • Dehydration Hack: This hack enables fast app-switching, and is useful in games and other homebrews (for example, screenshot tools).
  • 32bit color: Pretty self-explanatory
  • Never timeout: Adds the Never option in screen timeout delay. This means you don’t have to keep touching your phone’s screen where you intend to keep it active for long periods of time.
  • Media Access: If you own a WP7, you have surely seen the “Can’t connect, syncing media” message on your phone’s screen, which makes it impossible for users to access the music players and Pictures library while Zune is making changes. Toggle this option on, and you won’t see that error ever again.
  • fake Xbox Gold: Allows users to send Xbox Live messages without signing up for a gold account.
  • Voice: Change the TellMe voice of your device.
  • Experimental: These options do anything much for now, and include Wireless charge and AC Power. You can think of them as features which are there just for fun, and maybe future use.
  • Marketplace: If you want to get the OEM store of another manufacturer, select it from the options in this list and then reset your phone (will erase all data).

Even as it currently is, WPH Tweaks presents a pretty awesome list of options, but an update is sure to make it simply fabulous. So, if you have an interop unlocked device, or root privileges, head over to the download link below and grab the homebrew for free.

Download WPH Tweaks

[via WPH]

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