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Write A Letter To Your Future Self With To me By me For iPhone

To me By me is an iOS app, the concept behind which might seem to be a bit too much for people who fall under the category of “forever alone”, but when you come to think of it, the app can prove to be rather useful and fun. To me By me is all about sending advice and messages to yourself in the future. Confused? Here is what the app does. You can create highly personalized notes within To me By me, using text, photos and voice clips, and then choose any time in the future at which you will like to receive the composed message. The app will make sure that the letter you wrote for yourself is forwarded to you at the exact time and date you set for the note. Read on to know more about To me By me for iPhone.

To me By me Home To me By me Settings

Using To me By me is simple, and you don’t even have to sign up for a new account in order to start writing to yourself. Just launch the app, dismiss the ad which shows up, and you will be taken to the homepage of the app. If you are concerned for security and privacy, it is possible to set up a passcode for To me By me. You can do that in the Settings menu of the app, and in the same menu, there are options to select a default time at which the mails will be forwarded, and the place where Unreceived sent mails are stored, and can be deleted.

To me By me Letter To me By me Backgrounds

There are two ways to begin composing a new message. Users can go to the Calendar section of the app, and go to any date to compose a message for it, or there is the Write option that lets you compose messages and select a sending date later. The notes created in the app can be customized by choosing the background and paper type to be used in the messages. There are both free and paid backgrounds available for notes, and you can choose fonts for them as well. If you want to attach a photo with the message, it possible to do so by choosing from the camera roll or shooting a pic straight from the camera in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Voice recordings are also supported by To me By me. When you are all done, just hit the Send button and it’s good to go.

To me By me is an interesting app, and available as a free download for a limited time. So, do give it a try.

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