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Wunderlist For WP7: Plan Your Tasks & Sync Them To The Cloud

The last time we covered something related to Wunderlist was back in 2010, when the application was launched for Windows. The task management tool has made a lot of progress since then, with Android and iOS versions becoming reasonably successful releases. Finally, the popular app has arrived for Windows Phone 7, and now Mango users can also see for themselves what makes Wunderlist such a famous app among a variety of users. The app comes with all the features you can find in its other versions, and is a pretty useful day planner. The best thing about the WP7 app is that you can set up your tasks, and the Wunderlist will sync them to the cloud, so you can access the reminders from anywhere and at any time.

Wunderlist WP7 tasks Wunderlist WP7 Filters Wunderlist WP7 Details

If you don’t already have a Wunderlist account, you will have to sign up for one when you launch the app for the first time. Signing up is easy, and requires nothing more than your email ID and a new password. You will receive a mail from Wunderlist, and after that you are free to use the app. The main feature of the app (apart from its syncing capabilities) is the wide array of filters it has got on offer. You can create as many reminders and tasks as you want, and then view them later based on the provided filters. Apart from the filters, Wunderlist also allows users to create lists, which serve as categories under which tasks are stored.

To create a new task just hit the ‘+’ button in the bottom bar, or go to any of the Filters. You just have to type something in the text box in the filter menu, and press enter, to create a new task. This simplistic way of input is not the only method supported by the app. It is possible to associate more details with each reminder by tapping it and navigating to the Task Details menu. Here you can add additional notes, due date, alarm timings and choose the preferred way of getting notified by Wunderlist. To mark a task as important, tap the ribbon displayed on it and it will turn red. In the app’s settings menu you can change the background theme (wood by default), and also manage other account settings.

Wunderlist for WP7 is a free app, and you can grab it at the web Marketplace link below.

Download Wunderlist

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