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XapHandler: Directly Install, Manage & Update Homebrews On Unlocked WP7 Without Connecting To PC

Windows Phone 7 is trying to follow the example set by iOS when it comes to jailbreaking. Like the Cydia store, unlocked Mango phones have got access to Bazaar. There is still a lot of room for improvement, though. Just take a closer look at Bazaar for instance. Unlike Cydia, there is no way you can manage, or even view, the tweaks and homebrews you have already installed to your WP7 device. It will be cool if Bazaar gets an update which lets you do that, but for now, homebrew fans will have to be contented with XapHandler, a homebrew to manage, well, homebrews. Using this app, you will be able to update any XAP file you have already got on your phone, and it will also let you perform a clean install on homebrews, making sure that they function properly. However, the most useful feature of XapHandler is its ability to show users the data and relevant information associated with XAP files before you flash them to your phone. All these features might be great for users with custom ROMs, and access to Bazaar, but the best thing about XapHandler is that, with it, users having unlocked stock ROMs will be finally able to install homebrews directly from Internet Explorer, email or any other method without even having to connect your device to a PC.

XapHandler Home XapHandler XAP Info

If your device does have an interop unlock, but no custom ROM, you will have to perform the following steps.


  1. Flash the XapHandler file to your WP7 from the source link given at the end of this article.
  2. Once you have done that, and the homebrew appears in the app list, run Root Tools on your device, or any registry editor.
  3. Go to the Policies section, and find XapHandler.
  4. Selected Trusted against the homebrew’s name.

Now you are ready to use the app. Keep in mind that people on custom ROMs do not have to perform the steps stated above. To get XapHandler working, launch the app, and when it asks your permission to associate XAP files to it, hit OK. You won’t have to launch the app manually again after that. XapHandler comes into action every time you find a XAP file on your mobile web browser, or via email. Just tap the file, and it will automatically be opened in XapHandler. The homebrew will display the info associated with the launched app, including Title, Author, description, etc.

There are two things which you can do after that, you can Update the app (if a newer version has been made available by the developer) or you can perform a Clean Install if the homebrew is already on your device. A pretty useful app, and if you have been jealous of all the custom ROMs, you just have to try this. Further details, and download links are available at the source link below.

[via XDA Forum Thread]

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