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Xperia Arc Update Available With xLoud, Stereo Recording And DLNA Compatibility

Android has given a much needed boost to Sony Ericsson’s falling reputation as a cellphone manufacturer. Lately, the release of new Xperia line i.e. Arc, Neo and play has played a significant role in expanding SE’s consumer base throughout it’s market. And we believe that SE has realized that keeping an “Androider” happy is the key to success. After offering official bootloader unlocking for select Xperia devices, Sony Ericsson has also beaten it’s worthy competitors in-terms of swiftly rolling out system and performance updates. Today is 1st August and there is already another awesome update for Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc phone that comes jam packed with some new and awesome features.


The new update for Arc carries these salient features:

xLoud – This feature will help boosting the music volume while audio is played using the phone’s speaker.

Stereo Recording – This helpful functionality will let users record HD videos accompanies with High Quality sound. [Thumbs Up for this One]

Digital Home – This feature makes your device compatible with DLNA certified media devices. You can play any of your media content, stored on your phone, on any device with DLNA certification.

Apart from these three crucial and seriously awesome features, SE has also integrated new themes with addition of landscape mode to Homescreen.

We believe that this update is now available for non carrier branded Xperia Arcs and will soon make it to carrier dependent phones. If you have an Arc and want to upgrade to this version, then you will need to sync your phone with Sony Ericsson PC Companion and follow onscreen instructions to deploy the updates.

For those who have root privileges on their devices, we believe that upgrading to this build won’t be a good idea unless developers give it a thumbs up.

Via SE

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  • Mike Danger

    Got the update it rocks I love screen shot!! The only problem and I shouldnt say only because this is a huge problem. I turned the xloud feature on and the first phone call I got the ringer blew the back speaker… maybe a warning or something should come up warning people that this feature may ruin the speaker on your phone. I have mixed feelings about this because the phone just got a lot cooler with these updates but now my back speaker is useless…

    • Littlebu2

      the very same thing happened me, and now the music feature is really bad.. im also having trouble with the ear speaker in calls, i think its blown too…