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Yahoo! AppSpot Brings Personalized App Discovery For Android & iOS

As Android keeps making steady progress as a stable mobile operating system, and reaches out to a far greater global audience, more and more developers are showing keenness in creating apps belonging to different genres. This has already resulted in a pretty much saturated app market that has multiple options from every known genre to offer to the users. Quite clearly, this beckons for a user-friendly and well-crafted app discovery tool that can help you find the required apps with minimum fuss. Although the Android Market and AppBrain serve this purpose quite remarkably, one can feel the need for an even more convenient mobile solution in this regard. Yahoo! has just released its very own mobile app discovery client for Android and iOS. AppSpot provides “personalized app recommendations” from the Android Market and App Store on a daily basis. The app provides suggestions according to the apps installed on your device. It features a search bar that posts queries to Yahoo! App Search (the online search portal for mobile apps released alongside AppSpot) and a built-in barcode scanner. The Android variant comes packed with a 4 x 2 widget that allows you to scroll through and access all of the day’s recommended apps from your home screen.


The interface, though not quite easy on the eyes, makes efficient use of the screen real-estate, arranging app recommendations in columns, one each for each category in the Android Market or App Store. You can swipe across the screen to view more categories and along a column/category to scroll through its apps. The aforementioned barcode reader can be accessed from the bottom right of the app’s home screen as well as from its Android-exclusive home screen widget. Selecting an app from within the app or widget  takes you to its Details screen. The Get It Now button on said screen redirects you to the app’s Android Market/App Store page, wherefrom you can download it to your device.

You can grab the app for free from the Android Market or iTunes App Store via the links provided below.

Download AppSpot For Android

Download AppSpot For iOS

Update: Yahoo! App Spot seems to have been pulled from both the Google Play Store as well as the iTunes App Store. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any alternative app discovery platforms available to Android users. You can benefit from a large number of app, including AppGenius, AppAware, Mapsaurus and Playboard etc.

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