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Yahoo! IntoNow For Android Identifies What’s Being Played On TV

Can’t remember which episode of your favorite show is being played on TV? Or are you looking to share the best TV programs with your friends? Well, you’re in luck because IntoNow has now hit the Android Market. The best TV show recognition/sharing app – IntoNow by Yahoo! has been enjoying its share of accolades and acknowledgement on the iTunes App store for quite some time and is now available for Android users as well. With IntoNow, you can identify live TV shows from your Android device, get detailed information on episode and cast of a particular program, easily access IMDb and explore a plethora of online sharing options. The app can be enjoyed with all its features by signing in with your email/Facebook account. If, for some reason, you don’t have either, you can still give it a try by tapping the Try it now button on app’s home screen.

IntoNow makes identifying a live TV show extremely easy and fun. The concept is based along the same lines as that of Shazam – a popular music discovering/sharing app. With IntoNow, TV Identification mechanism works when you hit the ‘Green Screen Button’ on the app, place your device near the television, computer or mobile that is running your favorite show and let the app assess what show/episode is being played by listening to its audio. The app has the capacity to recognize literally every TV show that has been aired in recent years. All you need to do is launch the app, sign in with your account or opt for a try out, tap the green button while you are watching TV and let IntoNow do the rest for you. Once the show is identified, the app displays comprehensive information about the title of the program, episode count, synopsis, cast and crew of the show and a whole lot of social media sharing options.

Sign in with your email ID or your Facebook account and start sharing your favorite TV shows and movies with your friends. Look out for the most frequently watched TV shows and find out what TV programs you and your friends watch. Also, with IntoNow you can easily learn whether your ‘shared friends’ watched the latest episode of a particular TV show or not. Real-time online stats can be updated easily by tapping the Refresh button anytime you like.

The app notifies you when both you and your friend are enjoying the same show at the same time. Integrated support for IMDb keeps you informed about all the information regarding a particular movie, TV show or program. So grab your copy of IntoNow from the provided Market link and take your TV watching and sharing experiences to new heights.

Download Yahoo! IntoNow for Android

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