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yasp! For Android Is A Student Planner With A Backup Plan

Student planners, such as, Studious, My Class Schedule and Student Timetable, have already seen some very handy timetable managing options that are available to students owning Android devices. However, lack of simplicity and good aesthetics seem to have left many users longing for a better alternative. Fresh to the Android Market, yasp! is a fine-looking student planner that vows to fill said void, and add a few goodies of its own. Apart from sporting an uncluttered interface, and conventional timetable scheduling and note-taking features, yasp! brings a contingency plan concept to the table. Using said feature, you can define an alternative timetable that would take effect if the original schedule doesn’t work out.


For each working day of the week, the app lets you define an alternative plan so that you know where to head to for your classes, in case plan A doesn’t work out. The feature is also helpful if your timetable is based on a couple of different plans for each alternative week.

From the app’s homescreen, you can switch to the required day of the week by swiping left or right across the screen. To start building up the timetable, just tap the plus (+) button at the bottom, and add the required lecture. For each lecture, you can add a title, location, Docent (the teacher name), color (for easier identification), schedule, and the required plan (A/B). Once done, hit Save.


Tapping the pencil button at the bottom lets you add assignments relating to each lecture. For each assignment, you can specify a Headline, Description and deadline. Multiple assignments can be added under each lecture; the total number of all assignments gets displayed alongside each lecture on the timetable. Long-press on a lecture or assignment to edit or delete it.

Provided you’re required to work under alternative plans, you can hit the A/B button within the timetable to switch between the two plans. By default, the app does not include weekends in the timetable. To change this, hit Menu > Preferences, and enable the Show Weekend option. From the same screen, you can enable the Two-week plan option, and/or toggle the 24-hour clock option.


The app does not sport a homescreen widget as of now – a feature so commonly found in task-management apps in particular. However, going by the developer’s word, it won’t be long before said features is added to the mix along with several other handy features, including landscape view for weeks, and reminders for assignments and classes.

Download yasp! for Android


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