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Yellow Pages: Discover Businesses & Get Turn-By-Turn Voice Navigation [iPhone]

Even if you are living in a big city since you were born, it is not possible for an ordinary person to know of all the good places around town, and every once in a while, you are bound to be left helpless when you want to find a place to purchase a drill machine, or new wheels for you car. That’s what yellow pages are made for, so that people can find businesses with complete ease. With the advent of smartphones, everything is going digital, and yellow pages are no exception, for iOS users at least. Yellow Pages is an iPhone app that will let its users search for any place in their area. You can find products, restaurants, cinemas, banks and just about any kind of place you can possibly think of. Although Yellow Pages has been around for quite a while, the app’s recent update has made it even more useful by adding turn-by-turn voice directions to any place listed in the app. Details to follow.

Yellow Pages Search Yellow Pages Places Yellow Pages Map

Yellow Pages starts off with its main search screen, from where users can look for any kind of place in any area of the world. You can let the app make use of your current location to provide you with optimized results, or there is the option on set any location manually. Once you have specified the target area, enter the item genre or name in the Find box. Doing so will bring up a list of all the relevant places in the defined locality. If you don’t want the default list view, it is also possible to view the places plotted on the area’s map.

Yellow Pages Popular Yellow Pages Business Yellow Pages Directions

An alternative way of finding your places of interest is via the Popular menu. Here, a grid of trending categories is presented, and you can view places listed under each with a single tap. The paces you come across while using Yellow Pages will let you call the business right from within the app. You can also view their website, and save the whole information as a new contact entry. The latest feature of Yellow Pages can be used by hitting the car icon at the bottom of the map in the place’s menu. The route to the opened place will be automatically plotted for you by Yellow Pages, complete with voice directions for easy navigation.

Yellow Pages Movies Yellow Pages Movie Reviews

Yellow Pages can be used for more than just finding useful places, and one example of that extra usefulness of the app is highlighted in the Movies menu. In this section, users can read the reviews of movies and see other relevant data. If you want, Movies menu will also let you know of the places where you can watch or rent the title. The bottom bar of the app can be customized from the More menu, and you can place the icons of your choice there.

Yellow Pages is a free app, and available for both iPhone and iPad. If you aren’t using it already, give the app a try at the link given below.

Download Yellow Pages

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