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Yipit For iPhone: Find The Best Deals Near You On Items Matching Your Interest

A lot of web services which deal with shopping and discount deals have taken to launching their own iPhone or iPad apps in the recent weeks due to the shopping season fast approaching. ShopSmart and Slice are two examples of just such services. Now, Yipit has joined that list and brings the ease of finding the most suitable deals for you based on your current location and area of interest. This means Yipit will tell you all about discounts on products under categories you chose to stay apprised of at the time of signing up for the service.

Yipit Yipit Login

The advantage Yipit has over other similar services is that it is not restricted to just one source for getting the latest and most useful deals. It employs more than 800 sources and scours the web for finding anything that might be of interest to the user.

You need to create a new Yipit account to use the client. Signing up is easy and demands nothing more than your location, email ID and a password of your choice. You can set multiple addresses as your locations, as in one address for your home and the other for your office.

Yipit Categories Yipit Deal Map

After you have signed up, you have to select the categories of items you are most interested in. You can choose any number of categories, and there are a lot of them listed in Yipit, ranging from Food items and Restaurants to Books and Gifts. This is to help prevent an info glut, which might render the whole thing pointless by giving you deals on things you don’t need. If you feel the need to do so, you can change your interests later. You can see a map view of the deals and discounts in your, or any other city, and view each deal by tapping on its placemarker.

Yipit Deals Yipit Deals Details

When you open a particular deal, all the details about it are displayed. These include the amount of discount you are getting, the overview and specifications of the item(s) involved. On the same screen, you have the option to mail the whole discount detail to your own account. For most products, you might not need to do so, as you can order them directly from within the app.

Among a growing crowd of similar apps, Yipit definitely qualifies as one of the most useful of its kind out there. The app is available for free on the iTunes App Store. You can download it at the link provided below.

Download Yipit

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