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Youtube Live: Stream Live Channels From YouTube [Windows Phone 7]

Most people use YouTube for watching videos which have been uploaded by other people for a variety of purposes, but there is more to YouTube than that. There are a lot of channels (mostly related to news) on the famous video hosting service, which broadcast live streams, and you can watch them just like TV. However, it’s a whole different issue trying to track down all such channels, and to know when exactly will your required stream go live. That’s what Youtube Live is for. This newly released Windows Phone 7 app integrates all live streams on offer at YouTube, and you can browse through them at your leisure. The app truly turns your Windows Phone device into a television of sorts.

YouTube Live WP7 YouTube Live Home

Youtube Live has a pretty neat interface, and on its homepage, you can see the channels which are streaming live right now. Not only that, the app’s main page also offers a guide for upcoming streams, as well as expected live broadcasts in the next 7 days. In addition to the listed channels, you can view them as a metro grid by swiping to the right. The grid represents the live channels, and you can start viewing the stream by tapping it.

YouTube Live Channels YouTube Live Upcoming

Youtube Live has a diverse collection of channels, but the app would have been even more useful if the channels were categorized in some way, or it presented a way to search through the channels for the stream you exactly want. The Upcoming section is pretty useful, and in it, you get to see the exact time and date the channel will start broadcasting its live stream. A countdown timer is displayed next to each upcoming stream, as well, which well ensure that you never miss your desired stream.

YouTube Live Stream WP7You can, of course, watch all the live channels on YouTube on the official site as well, but Youtube Live is helpful as it integrates all the interesting channels in one place, so that users don’t have to look for a particular stream by having to search all over YouTube. The buffering and stream speed is pretty good in Youtube Live, and for a free app, Mango users just have to give it a try. The app has two versions, a paid ($0.99) one and a free one. For the next few days, the free version is ad-free and has no limitations, so hurry up and grab this wonderful app.

Download Youtube Live

Download Youtube Live (Free)

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