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YouTube Producer For iPhone: Add Background Music To Videos & Upload Them To YouTube

iPhone users have a lot of options available when they want to share their photos with the world. When it comes to videos, the options are not as vast, but still a satisfactory amount of methods exist. Though, most of the video editing apps in the App Store might not be as convenient as the set of options YouTube Producer has to offer. With this useful app, not only can you upload your videos to YouTube with ease, but also add background music to it before you do so.

YouTube Producer YouTube Producer Homepage

Using YouTube Producer is extremely easy. A graphical demo appears at launch to walk you through the app’s working. On the app’s homescreen, there are four neatly laid out menus. Before you proceed, make sure that you have the target video already in the Camera Roll, as there is no option to shoot a video from within the app. From the homepage, you also get to decide how much of the selected video’s original audio you want to keep; the remaining space will be filled out by the music you choose.

YouTube Producer Music Assistant YouTube Producer Music Mood YouTube Producer Songs

After a video has been successfully loaded by YouTube Producer, the next step is to choose a background song for it. This can be done by going to the Song Select menu. You can use the Browsing Assistant if you are not sure what kind of music would go well with your clip, or there is the option to go for any of the Popular Songs. The Browsing Assistant will have you choose the desired music’s tempo, genre and mood, and based on your selection, a suitable collection of songs will be suggested. You can preview each music clip before applying it to your selected video.

YouTube Producer Publish YouTube Producer Share

Once you have done all that, YouTube Producer will let you view the end result, which you can then Upload to YouTube. Before you publish the video, you will need to add the appropriate tags and category for the clip. Once the upload is complete, you can share the video over Facebook, Twitter and via email.

Unlike most iOS video editors, YouTube Producer does not ask users to do anything themselves and the app handles all aspects of photos editing almost automatically. If you are an advanced user, YouTube Producer probably won’t attract you, but for casual editing, it can’t hurt to have it in your iPhone. The app is available for free in the App Store, and can be downloaded from the link provided below.

Download YouTube Producer

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