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ZDBox For Android Is All-In-One Toolkit To Monitor And Manage Device

Android is a highly customizable mobile operating system that can be tweaked in any way its users desire. That being said, in order to modify various aspects of your Android to your liking, you first got to have a few necessary tools/ apps to be installed on your device. In this regard, you can either visit the Android Market to search for and install various different tools that can fulfill your personalization needs, or you can simply resort to ZDBox – a free and handy toolbox for Android developed by a group of XDA-Developers members. The application monitors and manages everything but the kitchen sink. Battery usage, Network/Data Traffic, applications – you name it. It comes with a UI that is simple and fast yet easy on the eyes and a notification icon that displays an indicator of your choice (such as a battery percentage or network traffic indicator).

If you’re tired of having to run a different app for each managing and monitoring task on your Android device then ZDBox is the answer you’ve been looking for. It is a compilation of all essential device management tasks. The app allows you to monitor the percentage of battery usage by each application, currently running applications and network/data traffic.

You can manage, kill, lock and unlock apps and set a per-month data traffic allowance. Another useful feature that comes with the app is the Do not Disturb option that can set your device to stay silent or in airplane mode for a specified interval of time.

ZDBox’s notification icon can be set to show one out of the four available indicators shown in the screenshot below. The menu in the screenshot can be displayed by hitting menu and tapping Notification Icon.

Dropping the status bar down reveals a notification bar displaying all four indicators. Tapping the notification bar displays shortcuts to toggling app-locking and killing all running apps.

Thorough work indeed. Kudos to the developers!

The app isn’t available on the Android Market yet. The link given below is from XDA-Developers. You’ll have to download the file to your computer, install on your device via adb or copy it to the SD card of your device and install using a file manager (e.g. Astro File Manager).

ZDBox XDA Forums Thread

Update: The app is now available on the Android Market. Link to its Market page is provided below.

Download ZDBox

[via Caschy]

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