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Homes For Rent Discovery App Zillow Rentals Released For Android

After making its mark among web, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone users, the online real-estate expert, Zillow.com, has finally landed its official Android client in the Google Play Store. Zillow Rentals vows to help mobile users in conveniently finding and staying up to date with the latest rental home offers from within their selected locations. The app gives you complete control over specifying your search criteria for your next apartment, and lets you pinpoint the exact region on map from where you want the app to find your next home. For this, you can either pick a custom location and/or draw over the map to help Zillow Rentals identify your specific areas of interest. Based on your specified region(s), the app tries to come up with relevant search results that match your personalized preferences.

You can also set various filters for searching the exact property deals, complete with the price range, number of bedrooms/bathrooms and the type of living facility. Rental deals can be bookmarked and compared for various available facilities on the go. Zillow Rentals also helps you easily connect with the property owners through emails and/or phone calls. Once you specify your search criteria, the app can also keep you updated of all the matching offers via customizable notification alerts.

Zillow Rentals is a welcome addition to the list of already handy apartment finding apps for mobile devices, such as Trulia For Rent and Airbnb.


By default, the app opens to its property filtering screen, from where you can specify the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, the rent range and the type of accommodation that you’re looking for. To set a custom location, or to specify a particular region within your current area, tap the Choose Location button at the bottom of this screen. The app determines your current coordinates via GPS, and displays it on a map, along with all the available rental deals (if any). You can manually search for another location using the search bar at the top. Tapping the Draw button lets you draw over the specific region on the map from where you want the app to fetch the latest rental offers. The total number of relevant search results is displayed at the bottom.


While sifting through the search results, you can easily bookmark the offers that attract you the most. Tapping the heart button at the top displays all the items that you’ve bookmarked.


While on the bookmarks/favorites screen, tilt your device to landscape orientation, and you have an extensive comparison of all the bookmarked items by the number of facilities that each supports; all on the same screen.


While checking a listed property in detail, you can explore its image gallery, check avaialbility status, view all the various details relevant to it, contact its landlord/property owner, trace its location on map, share it with your friends, and find the latest Zestimates (Zillow’s own unique formula of estimating monthly rental price). To customize the app’s notification alerts, tap Menu > Settings.


Download Zillow Rentals for Android

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