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Zlango Messaging – Texting Done Through Emoticons! [Android]

There are certain messages, feelings and gestures that cannot be described in words. Also, not all messages need to be sent in just plain text. If you are looking for an innovative way to convey your emotions and attitude to your friends then you should definitely try out Zlango Messaging for Android. With Zlango Messaging, you can free yourself from expressing your feelings through long text messages. No, we are not talking about sending multimedia messages nor are we discussing sending mails with attachments! Instead, you can send pictorial messages with visually exciting icons and smileys as a fun replacement for your text messages. Just type in a word and Zlango Messaging will convert it into a relevant icon. The app supports more than 800 different icons that can depict your exact mood while various icon themes and visually apt skins take your messaging experience to new heights.

How about sending a ‘cake’ pictorial to your friend as a reminder of his birthday instead of showing up with a simple “Happy Birthday’ text? Zlango Messaging makes this possible for Android users through its huge collection of rich graphical icons. Zlango Messaging effectively integrates with the stock messaging app and allows editing, composing and sending messages through the same interface. To insert icons in your messages manually, just tap on the attachment button placed beside the message composition field and select from the appropriate icons that can portray your message. Suggested icons are displayed on-screen as you type words so that you can select suitable icons with just a tap. Remember, Zlango Messaging must be installed on the devices of both sender and the recipient to properly display Zlango messages.

As of this writing, three supported icon themes are Classic, Urban and Gorgeous which means that users get an opportunity to depict every single typed word in three different icon styles. The app also provides six intuitive skins that can be chosen according to your preference. There is also an option within the app to automatically convert all the supported keywords of your message into Zlango icons. Icon mode can be easily switched on/off from the tiny little icon placed at the top of the app in case you want to compose a conventional text message without any icons.

To see how Zlango Messaging actually converts all your texts to icons, check out the video provided below.

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