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How to Watch Netflix Together

We live in some of the most curious times any of us have ever seen. At least for now, the days of having in-person parties are on  pause. Where this might be a terrible nightmare for those social butterflies that thrive on the ability to have and attend parties, it’s surely not the end of the world. Even though social distancing has made it a concern to get together in the same home does not mean we all still can’t get our Netflix and Chill on from a distance. We just have to get a little creative about it! Also read about how to change netflix regions.

Here are some tips on how to watch Netflix together so you do not have to miss out on your important social engagement time with your friends even during the current situation.

Netflix Party

Streaming services are becoming more adapted to providing online watch party attributes and thankfully, Netflix is following suit. Netflix party is a new attribute to Netflix in which a Google Chrome extension allows you to create a session and add friends you want to watch something with. This is a great idea for watching virtually anything on Netflix, but remember that anyone you add must have their own individual Netflix subscription.


For those who are watching from their laptops, Watch2Gether is an excellent media player that allows you to not only watch Netflix with friends, but Twitch, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Vimeo as well. This extension is for both Firefox and Google Chrome browsers and allows you to create a private room to invite friends into the session. This method does not require a Netflix subscription for all participants, but they do have to have a Watch2Gether player on their device.


Similar to Netflix Party, Scener offers the same attribute of allowing others to watch but with a unique difference. With Scener, the person starting the watch party must add the unique link from their own Netflix account into the Google Chrome extension as with other programs, but they have also included a chat, voice, and text feature that allows the experience to feel more like a live event rather than just an internet based streaming session. Scener is ideal for those who love to discuss movies while they’re streaming.


Like Watch2Gether, Metastream is not simply dedicated to the Netflix platform but includes other streaming services such as Hulu and YouTube. It’s a desktop program that also encompasses a chat feature into the group. Even though you cannot use voice chat, it’s nice to know that with Metastream you can still converse with others watching the same Netflix program.


Although the above extensions and programs are free, TwoSeven is not. It’s a subscription-based program that works with both Disney+ and Netflix. This premium service not only allows you to chat with your watch party friends, it also allows for on screen webcam experiences so you can see your friends reactions throughout the program. It’s a more immersive experience than simply relying on chat and voice features during the program.

We will one day see things get back to a normal state, but as of now we must all do our part to ensure the safety of others. Thankfully, we have an ever growing array of possible programs to help manage the distance between us and those we love. You can still have your Netflix dates and “meet ups” anytime you want with these exceptional extensions and programs. Have fun!

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