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VMware Workstation Pro is Available Free for Personal Use on Windows

VMware Workstation Pro, the ultimate version of the popular virtualization software, is now available for free. Many users have been using VMware Workstation’s Player version, but getting the chance to try out the Pro version can be game-changing. Now, Users of the Player version will be able to use advanced features like cloning, snapshots, a virtual network editor, and more.

For anyone who is not familiar with it, VMware Workstation is advanced and feature-rich software designed for creating Virtual Machines (VMs) that run various operating systems at the same time. Many users leverage this powerful program for a wide range of projects such as testing software and IT management.

To take advantage of VMware Workstation Pro for commercial use, users still need to acquire a paid commercial subscription through a Broadcom partner. So, Workstation Pro is only free for personal use, and if you need it for work, a payment is required.

VMware Workstation Pro

 4 Reasons Why VMware Workstation Pro is a Game-Changer

Users of the Player version can see what they have been missing out on. The Pro version doesn’t have the limitation of Virtual Machine usage, sharing VMs, and basic virtual networking features. Users familiar with VMware Workstation Player’s simplified interface might find the Pro version somewhat overwhelming and complex.

Here are the most important benefits of installing Workstation Pro for free:

Cloning Virtual Machines

Creating clones or copies of VMs is one of the most beneficial features of Workstation Pro. Users can create a complete clone of a VM with all its attributes. Clones are widely used for quick testing and software development. There are two types of Clones:

  • Linked Clones: These are clones linked to the original VM and cannot be accessed without them. Linked clones are the best options when users have low disk space and don’t care about the best performance.
  • Full Clones: As their name suggests, these are complete clones without dependence on their source VMs. Full clones provide better performance and act as a new VM, but because of the independent files, they take up more space.

Snapshot The Virtual Machines

Users need to save their progress and have access to a rollback point should any update or development go wrong. Snapshots are like time machines that bring users back to a specific time and state of their work.

In the Pro version, you are able to make many different snapshots of your project and continue your work with confidence. Snapshots are not like clones and only the changes will be saved to disk space.  

Comprehensive Virtual Networking

Users can set up complex Virtual Machine networks and manage them in the Pro version of VMware Workstation. Unlike the Player version of the software, there are many useful tools in the Pro version, like Virtual Network Editor, to personalize virtual networking.

Here are some of the networking features available:

  • Configuration of virtual network adaptors
  • Creation of unique custom networks
  • Implementing different network connection types like NAT and bridged

Shared Virtual Machines

People who have installed the Pro version can share their VMs with each other and cooperate on VMware projects. This feature is very easy to use and has few limitations.

Sharing VMs is also useful for personal purposes. Users can share their VMs on different computers and have remote access to them from anywhere. So, a person can access a shared VM even from weak hardware that can’t run the VM.   

How to Download VMware Workstation Pro for Free

Follow these simple steps to download the free version of Workstation Pro for personal use:

  1. Visit the Broadcom’s registration page. Enter your email address, type the text from the image, and click “Next.”
    Registration page
  2. A code will be sent to your email address. Enter the code in the specified area and select the “Verify & Continue” button.
    Verify & Continue button
  3. Now, you need to fill out the form with your personal information. Finally, click the terms of use checkbox and select “Create Account.”
    click on the Terms of Use checkbox
  4. The website will prompt you to unlock additional services by building your profile. Click on the “I’ll do it later” button.
    I'll do it later button
  5. Now, go to the Broadcom website’s login page. Enter your username and password. Then click on “Next” and log in.
    login page of the Broadcom website
  6. You’ll be directed to a new page. In the upper corner, click the icon to the left of your name. A drop-down menu will appear. Select “VMware Cloud Foundation”.
    Select VMware Cloud Foundation
  7. On the next page, from the left menu, click on “My Download.”
    click on My Download
  8. On this page, you’ll see all the products available for download. Find “VMware Workstation Pro” and click on it.On the following page, select the Personal Use version of the software.
    Find VMware Workstation Pro
  9. Now select the terms and conditions checkbox on the left side. Then, you can see a download icon on the right. Click on it to start the download.
    select the Personal Use version
  10. Now select the terms and conditions checkbox on the left side. Then, you can see a download icon on the right. Click on it to start the download.
    Terms and Conditions checkbox

Note: If the site requires more information, such as your address and zip code, before the download, simply fill out the form and click on the “Submit” button.

Take Your Projects to the Next Level

Anyone who wants to use the program for personal projects can download and install it without hassle. Every past user of VMware Workstation Player on Windows and Linux can upgrade their version to Pro free of charge. The Player version will still exist as the same basic software, but it won’t be commercially available anymore.