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Clips: Instantly Share Clipboard Items From iPhone To PC via Dropbox

One of the features that made Chrome a really popular browser on iOS, is its real-time tab syncing. People really find it useful that everything they do on their iPhone is reflected on their computer straight away. Clips is a Cydia tweak that is based on the same concept, except that it syncs your iDevice’s clipboard rather than browser data. Using this action menu-based tweak, you can share images and text from your iPhone to PC with a single tap. All you need is a Dropbox account and a Windows PC to enjoy some really efficient instant sharing. Although the text data from your clipboard will appear in your Dropbox account immediately after you give it the Clips treatment, you will need the service’s desktop client to read the shared files. While this might be a slight inconvenience, there are no such limitations for images and even for text you are sure to get used to the way things work in Clips.

Clips iOS Clips Settings Clips Image

Before you can make use of the syncing options offered by Clips, you will have to configure the tweak and its desktop client. To do that, just follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Download the Clips tweak from the Cydia store. It costs $1.99, and will not add any new Settings or Springboard icon after its installation.
  2. Now you will need Clip’s desktop client. This free desktop viewer works only on PC for now, so you should probably stay away from Clips if you are on Mac.
  3. Make sure you have Dropbox set up on your PC.
  4. Install the Clips desktop client you just downloaded.
  5. On your iPhone, just select any text in any app, and once the action menu comes up, hit the View Clips icon. A new window will show up at the bottom of the screen. From there you have to access the tweak’s settings. That can be done by hitting the double-arrow at the top-right corner of the opened window and tapping the first icon.
  6. In the Clips settings menu, hit the Link Dropbox button and enter your Dropbox credentials when asked.

From the tweak’s settings menu, you can change the theme or delete multiple clips in one go. Now that you have configured Clips, you can sync anything with your computer through Dropbox by selecting a snippet of text or image, and hitting the Clip button from the action menu. Clips works in all areas of iOS that offer action menu support, and options for each photo will get a new Save to Clips button as well. Anything that you sync via Clips will appear in the tweak’s automatically-created folder on your computer. Images can be used straight away from there, but for text you will need the Clips desktop client, as the text files are exported in a format that is only readable via the service’s own application.

Dropbox users are sure to find the $1.99 price tag a justified one, and the only area where the tweak can use some improvement is to gain independence from its desktop client by exporting text in a readable format.

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