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PDF Reader Pro Is One Of The Most Comprehensive Document Viewers For iPhone & iPad

An iOS app that handles PDF files might not sound like something too exciting, but PDF Reader Pro has so much more to offer. The app lets you view PDF files on your iPhone or iPad, but that’s not all it does. It rises above the crowd owing to the staggeringly large number of additional features it has on offer and is undoubtedly one of the best if its kind out there. PDF Reader can handle images, videos, HTML, iWorks files, common document formats and, of course, PDFs. Most of the formats compatible with the app can be converted to PDF with a single tap, regardless of the file’s size. In addition to all this, PDF Reader Pro comes with some amazing sharing options, and you can get files in and out of the app over WiFi, via email, iCloud or just about any other cloud service you can possibly think of. The app’s reader is sleek, and comes with a lot of options to improve your reading experience.

PDF Reader Pro Home PDF Reader Pro Settings

As already discussed, there are many ways of importing files to PDF Reader Pro, and you can even sync whole folders from iCloud or some other cloud storage service. The imported documents all appear on the main page of the app, and users can sort them by Name, Date or Size. PDF Reader allows you to set up a Private vault of sorts that can be hidden from view any time you want. The file formats supported by the app are many, and you can use PDF Reader Pro to open anything from password-protected ZIP files to comics and audio files. The app offers AirPlay support, and if you are using PDF Reader Pro on your iPad, you can even stream content via VGA.

PDF Reader Pro File Options PDF Reader Pro Reading Options

The app’s reader is as good as all the other features offered by it. You can add Notes and Annotations to any page of a PDF document. The annotations can be made in various colors, styles and fonts. The Annotations button is located in the top bar within the app’s reader. Users can create multiple bookmarks within each PDF Reader Pro document, which is helpful for viewing a file later. As can be expected, PDF Reader Pro supports AirPrint, and you can print after making suitable changes to the document. If the opened file is not a PDF, you will find the option to convert it to one in the top bar. In our experience, even a large Word document gets converted by PDF Reader Pro within seconds. The cosmetic options offered in the reader view include Auto Flow, rotation lock, and zooming.

PDF Reader Text PDF Reader Pro Scan

If you are looking for a simplistic view of the document, go to the file’s options and hit the text Reflow button. This will strip the document of everything but the text. A relatively new, and awesome, feature of PDF Reader Pro is its scan mode, using which you can import any image(s) to the app (or shoot a photo of a page) and then stitch the images together to create a new PDF file. The scanned pages can be adjusted pretty thoroughly before converting them, and you can tinker with their exposure, focus and whiteness. It is also possible to crop an image to highlight the text as best as possible.

PDF Reader Pro WiFi ShareWhat good is a PDF app if it can’t import or export files efficiently? The sharing options of PDF Reader Pro make it complete. If you want to load documents to the app, or get them to your PC, just hit the Wi-Fi sharing button in the app. You will be provided with an IP address that has to be put into your desktop browser’s address bar. As soon as you have done that, the list of all the docs in the app will appear on your computer’s screen, and you can download the files from there. It is also possible to upload files to the app from this web interface. Users can also create an iTunes backup of their files.

PDF Reader Pro will set you back $2.99 (50% off the original price during the sale, which stands at $5.99), but the price is more than justified when you start counting the number of things you can do using the app. PDF Reader Pro is a universal app, optimized for both  iPhone and iPad.

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  1. thanx for this, i dabbled with this app on my friends iphone but got writepdf which lets me edit files directly and can open and print from keynotes etc by opening in writepdf, also love being able to create a signature and insert into forms as well as highlight text. the interface is really simple and easy to use as well.

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