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Place Widgets & App Shortcuts On iPhone Lock Screen With AnyLock

The introduction of Notification Center in iOS 5 really made widgets popular among users of jailbroken iDevices. There are many NC widgets available in the Cydia store, and tweaks like Dashboard X have gone one step further by bringing widgets to the iPhone Springboard. AnyLock is not a competitor of Dashboard X, as it does not add widgets to the Springboard, but the functionality it offers is rather similar to Dashboard X. Users of this new tweak will be able to customize the lockscreen of their iPhone by placing any widget or app icon there. If that isn’t enough for you, you can even choose to remove a few stock features of the lock screen, in order to optimize it for the accommodation of more app shortcuts and widgets.

AnyLock Edit Mode AnyLock Options AnyLock App List

Some might argue that a tweak like AnyLock voids the whole purpose of having a lockscreen, as you might end up repeatedly launching apps inadvertently, and your privacy will be reduced as well. Luckily, the developer of AnyLock has thought about all that. The app shortcuts placed on the device’s lockscreen are not launched by a single tap. You have to either double tap each icon, or swipe across it to go to the app (the choice between the two gestures can be made in the AnyLock menu added by the tweak to the stock Settings app). As for privacy, the tweak does not mess with passcode lock in any way, and you will still have to enter the lock key before you can open any app. So, once you have downloaded AnyLock to your jailbroken iPhone, it will add a new icon to the Springboard. It is through this app that you have to configure the new look of your iPhone’s lock screen.

To get started, hit the green Add button in the editing screen. This will take you to a new menu, from where it is possible to add any widget or app to the lock screen. All stock and third-party apps are listed by AnyLock in the Apps menu. Every widget that is installed on your device is visible in the Widgets menu as well. After choosing each app or widget, AnyLock provides its users with a chance to arrange the icon on the fake lockscreen (all the arrangements and selections will show up on the real lockscreen when you are done). To adjust icons, simply hold your finger over them and drag them around. If you want to remove any addition from the editing screen, hit the red Delete Mode button and then tap the undesirable icon or widget. Once it has vanished, tap Delete Mode again to proceed as normal. When you are satisfied with everything, tap Save and exit the app.

AnyLock Settings AnyLock Lock Screen

Now, you have to enable the tweak from its menu in the Settings app. From this same menu, users also get the choice to select the gestures they want to employ for unlocking their device and launching apps. Although you can choose Double Tap and Swipe gestures for both these actions, we recommend double tap for apps and swipe for unlock. Other options in the AnyLock menu include the choice to remove lock bar, date & time bar and Notification Board, as well as the toggle to set the lock screen icons to a 4X5 grid.

AnyLock is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store for $1.99, a price that is more than justified for such an amazingly useful and gorgeous tweak.

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