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Popular Mac App Color Splash Studio Comes To iPhone

Color splash photography is a genre of photo editing that is not as complicated as some of the other fields, but the results you can get thanks to splash effects are certainly good enough to make your ordinary photos look like works of art. If you own a Mac, then Color Splash Studio probably introduced you to this class of photo effects. The famous Mac photo editor has recently been released for iPhone, and now you can edit your iDevice’s photos in a beautiful touch-based environment. The app offers some pretty good photo filters (named Dramatic Effects), and you can also choose individual objects in an image to apply these filters and other color splash effects to them. Another great aspect of the app is its sharing capabilities. Color Splash Studio comes with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr integration, and you can even get your images delivered to you (in real life) as postcards, thanks to the app’s collaboration with the Sincerely service.

Color Splash Studio iOS Color Splash Studio iOS Crop Color Splash Studio iOS Dramatic Effect

There are three ways of loading photos to Color Splash Studio for editing. You can snap a photo using the app’s Take Photo button, load an image from the stock Photos app or import pictures from your Facebook albums. Whichever loading path you choose, the app will ask you to adjust the image before the real editing can begin. These adjustment options let users crop or resize photos. The next step to make your photo look positively beautiful is to configure the Dramatic Effect of your choice. There are three effects on offer in Color Splash Studio.

  1. Soft
  2. Dreamy
  3. Hard Light

In addition to these effects, you can choose to use the simpler Monochromatic Layers that include Greyscale, Sepia and Bluetone. Each of these layers can be further modified by selecting the exact hue you want in the image being edited.

Color Splash Studio iOS Greyscale Color Splash Studio iOS Tools Color Splash Studio iOS Sharing

Now that your photo has been changed to reflect your choice of effect, it’s time for some manual tweaking (and, of course, adding the color splash).To choose the brush size and intensity, head to the Brush menu of the app. You can highlight colors of a particular area, or greyscale existing colored areas using the options provided in the bottom bar of the main editing screen. If you want to resize or reorient the photo while editing, there is the Pan & Zoom button for that, while hitting More Tools will let you set up an editing mask (the app comes complete with Clear Mask and Invert Mask buttons). Color Splash Studio has a zoomed-in preview bubble to ensure that the colors are applied to the desired area with maximum accuracy.

Hit the Done button when you are satisfied with the editing results, and you will come across the amazing sharing menu of Color Splash Studio. In addition to all the major social networks and photo sharing sites, the menu lists options to let you save images to your iPhone’s camera roll, or print them via AirPrint. The Send Postcard button allows users to order a printed version of the edited photo as a card (this will cost you, of course, like most of Sincerely’s services).

Color Splash Studio is an iPhone-optimized app, and is available in the App Store as a $0.99 download.

Download Color Splash Studio

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