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Identity Force Review (2019): Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection Delivered

Today, we’ll be reviewing Identity Force, one of the market’s leading identity theft protection services. It isn’t as well-known as some of the other ID security companies out there, but thanks to its wealth of features and focus on customer experience, Identity Force could be the best identity theft protection service for you.

IdentityForce Review

In this Identity Force review, we will take a look at the company’s top features, subscription models, identity data reports, and more–all with an eye towards evaluating the service’s quality and effectiveness. We’ll also take a look at how easy it is to use, shedding some much-needed light on the service for anyone just getting started with securing their personal data.

What does Identity Force do?

Identity Force offers monitoring, alerts, and recovery services that help guard against damage caused by identity theft. This includes gathering privacy-oriented reports and keeping an eye on credit security, all quietly and in the background while you go about your life.

With a service like Identity Force in place, you won’t have to worry about your identity getting stolen and your credit or bank accounts drained. You’ll know the minute something goes wrong, and you’ll already have safety measures in place.

Below are the main features and areas of coverage Identity Force promotes at part of its service:

  • Advanced monitoring – Continuous monitoring of your identity, privacy, and credit using proactive detection technology. If someone compromises or tries to sell your personal or financial information, Identity Force will be the first to find out and let you know.
  • Alerts – An early warning system rapidly notifies users when personal information is at risk, providing near-instant alerts to smartphones or desktop PCs.
  • Control – Personalized action steps you can take to learn about your identity, understand your credit score, and protect your PIN and credit card numbers.
  • Public record checks – Watches court, criminal, and sex offender records for details about your ID.
  • Damage control and recovery – Even if a robust attack on your identity succeeds, Identity Force can help you minimize the damage and get back on your feet.
  • Social media monitoring – Monitors for suspicious activity, hacked accounts, imposter accounts, and related scams on social media networks.

Beyond these categories, Identity Force provides specific protection and monitoring in the following areas:

  • Bank and credit card alerts
  • Credit report monitoring
  • Data deletion service
  • ID restoration
  • Identity monitoring
  • Identity theft insurance (up to $1 million)
  • Junk mail opt-out
  • Lost wallet assistance
  • Medical ID protection
  • Online PC protection (via software download)
  • Physical address monitoring
  • Sex offender monitoring
  • Quarterly credit reports (+Credit subscribers)
  • Credit score simulator (+Credit subscribers)
  • Credit score tracker (+Credit subscribers)

Using Identity Force

It doesn’t matter how effective an identity protection service is if it’s impossible to use. Taking a closer look at Identity Force’s interface and setup process can reveal a lot about how readily you can act upon threats to your ID.

Setup and free trial

The first step in using Identity Force is to create an account. Because you’ll be sharing a lot of personal information, you’ll want to do this from a home computer, not a public PC, preferably on a network secured by a VPN. Good encryption can keep your data safe from snoopers, which is often your first and best defense against identity theft.

Visit the Identity Force website from a secure location and with a secure browser. Click the “Get Protected Now” button in the top right corner of the screen, or use the “Join Free for 14 Days” button at the center of the page–both lead to the same place, and both begin with a free trial.

Next you’ll see the signup page with Identity Force’s main plans: UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit. The former costs a little less and offers the service’s complete suite of monitoring, alert, control, and recovery assistance features. The latter adds full credit monitoring to the package, including credit score tracking and reports from the three main credit bureaus.

Select a package which best suits your needs, but note that only the more basic UltraSecure plan comes with a 14 day trial. Credit monitoring simply begins your subscription with an immediate payment. For the purposes of our review, we’ll assume you chose the former with the trial.

Click the “Sign Up” button to continue. You’ll be prompted to enter your name, e-mail, and date of birth, along with spots for optional family members, including ChildWatch for monitoring your kids’ identity. Enter the relevant data, then click the continue button below. The only thing that’s left is to enter payment information, then you’re set.

The entire setup process takes less than five minutes to complete, and there’s no immediate charge for UltraSecure subscriptions, either. It’s fast, friendly, and surprisingly simple to get started, easily one of the most accessible identity protection services online today.

Identity reports and alerts

The core of the Identity Force experience lies in its monitoring and reporting system. This is all available from your dashboard shown after signing up and logging into the service. You can use a PC browser or a mobile app to access your Identity Force account, both of which provide an easy interface to comb over your details and set up alerts for a variety of areas.

The most notable piece of information is your identity health score. This is an aggregate number that represents the overall threat level your identity may be subjected to. Identity Force arrives at this score through a variety of factors, but the important part is where it sits on the colored bar. Green risk levels are better, red worse. You can use this as a launching-off point for investigating Identity Force’s features and reports in more detail.

Elsewhere on your dashboard you’ll see bank and credit card information, mobile alerts status, quick links for more detailed information, and credit scores if you added that to your account. Crucially, you’ll notice the alerts and reports tab near the top of the screen. This is where you can set up notifications for all types of suspicious activity and have it delivered to your device the moment something suspicious occurs. It’s the first and best line of defense against identity theft.

In addition to these reports and alerts, Identity Force offers protection tools you can download for safety against key logging and phishing attacks, junk mail opt-out forms, deletion options to remove your name from online databases, and easy links to cancel or replace financial documents in case of a lost or stolen credit, debit, or ATM card.

The deletion option, known as Delete Now Reports, are arguably one of the most useful parts of the Identity Force service. This feature detects your personal details on public websites across the Internet. For each search result, Identity Force tells you what can be seen by the rest of the world, and how dangerous this might be for your online ID. You can even send an automated request directly from your dashboard, though Identity Force requires photo ID verification to perform this service for you.


No matter how useful a service may be, you still need to pay for it on a monthly basis. For privacy-aware individuals on a budget, this can become a huge concern, as all the various VPN, background checking, and identity protection services can really add up over time.

Identity Force comes in two flavors: UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit. Both have all the identity protection and monitoring you need to stay safe. +Credit is the only one that offers credit score monitoring, however.

At the time of writing these services were $17.99 and $23.99 per month, respectively. Paying for a year of service in advance nets you a 20% discount, dropping the former down to an effective $14.99 per month and the latter to $19.99 per month.

Identity Force also offers business and government services to protect employees and workers from identity theft. This is especially useful for people in high-risk careers whose data may be under scrutiny at all times. Prices here vary depending on the company involved, so if you work for someone who may benefit from this service, have them contact Identity Force directly.

Compared to rival services, Identity Force is a bit on the expensive side, weighing in at nearly 50% more than the closest competitors. You get a lot for that rate, however, including all the alerts and reports you can handle. Identity Force also comes with $1 million in identity insurance to compensate any damages that do result from identity theft, which is great to have as a backup.

Can you trust Identity Force?

Identity Force as a business has been around for almost 40 years. The company was founded as an identity theft protection service in the United States back in 1978. The Identity Force service division began providing end to end solutions for companies and government agencies that experienced data breaches. Once the threat of identity theft reached the public in general, Identity Force expanded to include protection for individuals.

In 2018 Identity Force was acquired by EZShield, a well-known company that provides protection and monitoring against ID theft and crimes across multiple industries. The acquisition gave EZShield more powerful solutions for helping individuals stay safe and secure online, only adding to Identity Force’s already strong reputation and portfolio.

Identity Force has been in business for over 40 years and looks to continue its excellent track record for many decades to come. So the short answer is yes, you can trust Identity Force to monitor and protect your identity.

Customer service

Identity protection is complex, even when using a service like this to monitor and manage everything for you. For this reason, it’s good to have a healthy support database and reliable customer service agents on hand to fix any problems that may arise. You never know when you’ll run into trouble, and when your identity or financial details are on the line, you don’t want to take any chances.

Identity Force includes multiple FAQs and tips directly on its website, including a number of databases tucked within its dashboard. These fill you in on common terminology and related troubles you might encounter on a daily basis, allowing you to self-answer many questions within seconds.

In case the support documents aren’t enough, Identity Force also offers customer service agents via phone and e-mail. You can get in contact with them during standard business hours (U.S. east coast time) to ask any questions you like, and they’re generally pretty quick to respond.

All in all, Identity Force does its best to take care of its clients. We would have liked to see more robust self-service measures in place, such as a deeper database of information to dig through, but as-is, you won’t have a difficult time taking care of your account or your ID.


Monitoring and repairing your identity sounds like a monumental task. Identity Force does a great job taking the pain out of the entire process. It has a clean and intuitive interface designed to make things as friendly as possible. Alerts and reports are easy to set up and understand. You can even grab mobile apps for on the go monitoring and notifications. It really couldn’t be easier to keep your online ID safe and secure.

The only real downside to the Identity Force experience is the cost of subscriptions. For people used to online privacy solutions such as VPNs, a price tag above $20 USD per month seems enormous, especially when added to other privacy-aware services on the market. You really do get what you pay for with Identity Force, however, so if keeping your information safe and secure is a high priority, the cost is easy to justify.

Overall, Identity Force represents a powerful and trustworthy way of watching your identity and credit to make sure it stays out of harm’s way. Even if something does go wrong, Identity Force can help you get back on track in no time.

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