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Getting Your SurfShark Free Trial

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SurfShark is one of the fastest growing VPN service providers. This is due to its good service and ease of use, two things that can easily set any service apart. It is highly secure, making it safe to use, provides fast access to the internet while ensuring users privacy is not compromised.

SurfShark trial is an opportunity to experiment with the service. There are several other VPNs out there, and most of them (if not all) offer free trials or money back guarantees as well to enable you to get familiar with the service for a period of time and then decide if you wish to continue using it or not. This article focuses on the SurfShark free trial, an opportunity to experience the service offers without any real commitment.

The VPN offers a 7-day free trial which does not involve payment, but you have to pay for the 30-day trial. It is called a trial because you can claim a full refund after the period elapses if you are not happy with the service or you want your money back for whatever reason. This means there is no risk at all when you pay the subscription for the first 30 days.

Apart from the free trial, SurfShark is a low cost VPN, so if you are looking for a cheap VPN to run an internet privacy vpn trial on, this could be a good option for you. If you decide to continue after the free trial, you can be sure of getting a good deal on your future subscriptions as well.

The following is a guide on how to sign up for the 30-day SurfShark free trial VPN. You can install the app from the Android play store or from the Apple play store. It currently works only on Android, iOS and MacOS operating systems. You can however share the VPN with any number of devices with any operating system after setting up the VPN.

How to sign up for SurfShark free trial

  Install  the SurfShark app

The first step in setting up the SurfShark free trial is to install the app. Using an Android device as an example, you can find the app in the play store. Just search for it and install.

  Launch the app and select “Start Free Trial”

Once installed, open the SurfShark app and tap on the “Start Free Trial” button. The button is highlighted in blue in the picture below. This will take you to the place where you sign up.

  Create an account

This is very simple. Just enter your preferred email address and a password you can easily remember. It shouldn’t be too simple though, so no one can easily guess it. An example is shown in the picture below. When done, press “Next” on the top right hand corner.

  Select your plan

Now is time to select your plan for the SurfSHark free trial. There are two options, the free 7-day trial and the paid 30-day trial. Be sure to select the latter and then click “Start”. Depending on your country at the time of signing up, the app will show you an estimated cost for the subscription in the local currency.

  Choose your payment option

Depending on your location, the app will ask you to choose the card you wish to use for payment. Once you select the appropriate card, you will be asked to enter the card details and then you are all set up. However, your card will not be charged for the first 7 days, so you get to enjoy the 7-day free trial as well.

  Select connect and start enjoying SurfShark

After providing your card details successfully, the app will show you an option to connect. Justap on the green “Connect” button and start surfing free of charge for the next 7 days. Remember, your card will be charged after this period for the 30-day trial to commence. Again, you can request a full refund after the 30-day period, no questions asked.

What to expect from the SurfShark Free Trial

Wondering what you stand to gain during the trial period? The following are the features you will enjoy with the subscription.

Unlimited connections: Once you subscribe for the 30-day free trial, you can connect the VPN to any number of devices you want at no extra cost. This means there is no limit to how much you can use it. This includes devices with any operating system at all.

Unmatched security: SurfShark is very serious about the security of their clients. Therefore the app comes with a kill switch that  shuts down the internet whenever the VPN is down. This ensures that you are never on the internet if the VPN isn’t there to protect you.

Military grade encryption: SurfShark’s encryption goes beyond the popular AES-256-CBC that most VPNs use. It offers state-of-the-art security that works even faster and protects privacy more.

24/7 support: You can readily reach the support team at any time through a live chat during the SurfShark trial period at any time of the day. Any concerns you have can be easily addressed during this time.

Full access to major streaming services: FOr movie lovers, SurfShark provides access to major streaming websites such as Netflix during the 30-day trial.


Does SurfShark have a free trial?

Yes, SurfShark has a 7-day free trial. However, this does not give you access to the full features of the VPN to experience, hence the need for the 30-day money back guarantee trial. You will have full access to the suite of features and can get your money back within the trial period.

Does my device support SurfShark?

SurfShark is only available for registration on Android, iOS and MacOS devices. However, the vpn can be shared with any number of devices after signing up, regardless of their operating systems.

How do I cancel my SurfShark subscription?

Your SurfShark subscription can be canceled at any time within the 30-day trial period. To do so, simply contact the SurfShark support team by email or through the 24/7 live chat and request for a cancellation and refund.


Signing up for a VPN service for a full year is a big deal, which is why SurfShark gives you an opportunity to test their service through the 7-day free trial and 30-day money back guarantee. If you are looking for a VPN to try out then try it. It gives you full access to the service at no risk as your money can be refunded fully at any time, before you make a commitment.


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