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How to Download Microsoft Teams Recording (Three Easy Solutions)

Sending a text-based message is time-consuming when you compare it to sending a voice message. The advantage of a text message is that it’s documented and if you forget something, you can always go back and re-read a message.

With audio/video meetings, someone usually needs to take and share notes. To eliminate this, video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams have an auto-transcribe feature and an option to download Microsoft Teams recordings.

Microsoft Teams recording

Microsoft Teams, regardless if you use an enterprise version, home, education, or free version, lets you record meetings. The recordings, by default, are saved to Sharepoint. For free users, they have a 20-day life during which they can be downloaded.

If you use an enterprise license and you’ve linked/enabled Streams for Microsoft Teams, your recorded meetings are uploaded to Streams instead. They will stay there until they’re deleted which basically means they do not have a shelf life.

How to download Microsoft Teams recording

There are several different ways to download Microsft Teams recordings; from Streams, from directly inside the Microsoft Teams app. The only thing to remember is what sort of Microsoft Teams license you have since with a free license, recordings are deleted after 20 days.

download Microsoft Teams recordings

1. Download recording from Microsoft Teams 

Use this method regardless if you have not enabled Streams.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams in your browser or on the desktop.
  2. Go to the channel with a meeting.
  3. Look for the meeting.
  4. Click the ‘Download’ button under it to download the recording.

2. Download Streams recording from Microsoft Teams

If you’ve connected Streams to your Microsoft Teams account, and it is available organization-wide, the recorded meetings will be uploaded to it. 

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.
  2. Go to the channel the meeting was held on.
  3. Look for the meeting notification within the channel.
  4. Click the more options (three dots) button next to the meeting.
  5. Select ‘Open in Microsoft Stream’.

  1. A new tab will open in your browser.
  2. Click the more options button and select Download from the menu.

3. Download from Microsoft Streams

This method is limited since only certain users i.e., admins, have access to the Microsoft Streams area where meeting recordings are uploaded.

  1. Visit Microsoft Streams.
  2. Go to My Content>Meetings.
  3. Select the video/recording you want to download.
  4. Scroll down, and click the more options button.
  5. Select Download.


If you often have to download Microsoft Teams recordings, and they’re uploaded to Streams, you can ask your system admin to create a dedicated Streams channel and add it to Microsoft Teams. This will make it easier to find and download recordings.

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