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Smart QrCode Generator Add Rules To Modify URLs & Get QR Codes For Them From URL Bar

The one thing I love about the Google Play Store is that I can send apps to download on my phone from my desktop. I work from m desktop and it’s where I find and read about apps so having to switch to my phone and then search for an app in the app store is not something I would find convenient. Unfortunately, that’s how it works for iPhone users and every time I see an iOS app that I like, i have to search for it again on my iPhone. Smart QrCode Generator is a Chrome extension that simplifies this; it generates a QR code with a direct download link for the App Store or the Windows Phone store from the URL when you have an app’s page open in your browser. A button is added to the URL bar and clicking it, you can get a QR code to the link or to the URL itself. Scan it on your phone and the URL will open. If you scanned a QR code that has the direct download link for an app, the respective app store app on your device will open and direct strait to the app page you created the code for.

The extension is simple to use; open an app’s download page in your browser and look for the square button in the URL bar. Click it and a pop-up opens with a QR code generated for the URL, by default. If you would rather get the direct download link, you can click the direct download option in the popup to get a different QR code.

Smart QrCode Generator

On your smartphone, you’ll need an app that can scan QR codes and they are very easy to come by, and are mostly free. When you scan a code on, let’s say an iOS device which is what we tested the extension on, the app will first redirect to your browser (or its own browser if it supports one) because the code you just scanned was still a URL and your browser is meant to handle it. If you selected the direct download option for generating a URL, your browser will open first and then switch to the App Store automatically.

The extension isn’t limited to just working with links for app download pages; you can get a QR code for just about any link you want and, you can also add rules for certain websites so that the extension knows what kind of QR code to generate. Rule are added from the extension’s options and it comes with 7 rules added by default. The rules allow you to set a domain, add a modifier to the URL which the extension should apply when generating a QR code and you’re done.

Smart QrCode Generator options

Smart QrCode Generator is more than your average QR code generating extension; it’s a URL modifier that gives users the flexibility to add their own URL modification rules and generate QR codes of the same.

Download Smart QrCode Generator From The Chrome Web Store

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