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Annotate Attachments For Gmail Lets You Add Comments & Draw On Files [Chrome]

Gmail’s threaded conversations show that Google understands how people read, keep up with, and follow up on emails. It’s safe to say that Gmail does a good job at giving users most of the features they would need from an efficient email service. While Gmail covers most bases, it doesn’t seem to have a note taking feature and it’s doubtful that Google might add one. Google has Keep and at the most we can hope it will integrate that some how with Gmail but that is again a long shot.¬†Annotate Attachments in Gmail is a Chrome extension that lets you annotate attachments. You can add text or you can draw on them. The annotation is for both your benefit and the benefit of anyone you forward the file to. You can leave a note to yourself regarding what a certain document contains, or you can provide feedback on the document using the extension before you forward it to someone who will in turn be able to read your comments.

Install Annotate Attachments and go to your inbox. Select an email with an attachment and hover the cursor over a file. You will see a new icon next to the download and Google Drive icons.

Annotate Attachments

Click the icon to open the attachment in the editor. This is also where you will have to permit the extension to connect with your Gmail account. The attachment, depending on its size can be moved around and the toolbar can also be dragged and repositioned.

Annotate Attachments editor


The toolbar has controls for moving the file around, drawing, adding a comment, and zooming in or out. The editing options inside the drawing tool are pretty rich; you have a pencil tool that you can manage the size of and select any color to draw with. There’s also an arrow and a rectangle tool.

Annotate Attachments draw


As far as the comments are concerned, you can make them on the document and the extension will add reference points to each comment. The comment themselves are added to the email body under the ‘Comment’ heading. When you forward the attachment to someone, they won’t need to have the extension installed on their end to read the comments.

Annotate Attachments has a nice clean interface that fits perfectly with Gmail’s layout. The editor opens as an overlay on the selected message so you can add comments or draw on a file without leaving the current page. The extension saves your changes as a draft so you can come back and edit and update your comments any time.

Install Annotate Attachments For Gmail From The Chrome Web Store

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