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Open Bookmarks From The Right-Click Context Menu In Chrome

I like to keep the bookmarks bar hidden at all times. This is partly because the bookmarks bar always looks like an untidy mess to me no matter how organized my bookmarks are but also because I want to give as much screen real estate to a web page as I possibly can. If you’re working with maybe a 24′ screen, this might not be something you care a lot about but for the many people who work on the go with smaller screens, every pixel counts and keeping the bookmarks bar hidden is one way to do it. Context Menu is a Chrome extension that lets you access all your bookmarks from the right-click context menu. Once installed, the extension will automatically list your bookmarks in their respective folders. You can browse folders within folders and click a bookmark to open it.

Install the extension and right-click anywhere on a web page. You will see a new ‘Bookmarks bar’ option. Hover your mouse over it and it will expand to reveal the folders in your bookmarks bar. If you haven’t organized your bookmarks into folders, you will simply see the pages as they are saved with their title and the website’s favicon.

Context Bookmarks

As far as opening the bookmarks is concerned, the extension lets you choose if they should open in a new tab or in a tab in the background. By default, these options aren’t set so head over the Context Menu’s settings before you start using the extension. Other options allow you to open all bookmarks in a folder, and give you one-click access to the extension’s options’ page, the bookmarks manager, and a refresh option that will update the bookmarks. These three options appear at the very end of the bookmarks’ list so scroll down if you’ve enabled them to use them. Apart from letting you access bookmarks from the context menu, the extension also lets you search for and open them from the Omnibar.

Context Bookmarks Options

The extension will let you access the ‘Other Bookmarks’ folder as well as Mobile bookmarks. You can use it on any page even the new tab page and Chrome web store pages. Bookmarks can only be opened from the context menu. You can’t delete or rename them. It has a helpful option that lets it detect when bookmarks have been changed. The extension updates the bookmarks and folders though you can force it to refresh any time you want as well.

Install Context Menu From The Chrome Web Store

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