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5 Great MSN Free Games for Casual Online Play

Windows versions released before Windows 10 used to come with games pre-installed. These games weren’t the kind of games that Windows 10 comes with i.e., third-party games no-one plays. The games were casual games to play when the internet was down like Solitare, Pinball, Minesweeper, Mahjong, etc.

MSN Free Games

Windows 10 doesn’t have nice, free, ad-free games anymore. You can install all sorts of casual games on Windows 10 but the games Microsoft had were fun and fairly decent which made them worth playing.

MSN free games

Microsoft doesn’t package games with Windows 10 but it has a website still resembling the internet of 1998 that has a reasonable catalog of free to play games. These games are simple puzzle games, word and trivia games, card games, action games, and more. It’s a fairly large catalog so here as some recommendations.

Note: many games on MSN Games were Flash-based and Flash is now dead. The games we’ve listed are those that are developed to work without/after Flash or that do not require Flash to run. You will be able to play them in any modern browser.

Windows games

If you miss the games on Window 7 (and older), you can find most of them on the MSN Games website.

1. Battleship

Battleship is simple to play; you’re given five ships to place on the board, and your opponent gets three shots, per turn, to try and sink them. Likewise, you get three shots per-turn to skin your opponent’s ships. While shooting, you only see a grid and where you aim to shoot will involve some guess-work, a little luck, and basic deduction.

The aim is to sink your opponent’s ships before all your ships have been sunk. This game is not Flash-based however, you should maximize the browser window to play it.

2. Chess

Chess, as a game, doesn’t need any explanation. The gameplay isn’t the simplest but MSN Games Chess has a ‘How to play’ guide to get you started. This is a multiplayer game so you can challenge other, real people to a game or you can play a computer. The choice is yours.

If you choose to play people, it’s a good idea to sign in to your MSN (Microsoft Live) account before you start. The game takes a while to load but it’s light and responsive once you get started.

3. Sudoku

Sudoku is one for people who love numbers. Think of it like a crossword puzzle but with numbers. The objective is simple; fill a row on a 9×9 grid with numbers from 1-9 without any number repeating in any row or column. You can play an easier game where more numbers are pre-filled or a hard game where you have to fill in more numbers.

4. Microsoft Crosswords

Microsoft Crosswords are, as the name makes it obvious, crossword puzzles. The game spans across a map where you have to complete a game to progress to the next one. 

The game again takes a little time to load but it offers great gameplay allowing users to use the keyboard to navigate the game easily.

5. Spot the difference

Spot the difference is a game for a much younger audience. You have to find numbers in an image and they’re fairly easy to find for an adult. If you’re looking for something for a child that mixes learning and fun, this game is worth checking out.

MSN Free Online Games: Conclusion

MSN Games is a website that’s stuck in the past but it still has a few great games that are worth playing. You will find a lot of variations on Solitaire, Freecell, and Mahjong and you’ll even find games like Gardenscapes and Bejewelled. If you’re nostalgic for a fun, casual game, check the entire catalog out.


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