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How To Calculate What The CP Of A Pokémon Will Be After Evolution

Pokémon Go isn’t just about catching Pokémon. The game goes well beyond that simple concept and also has players enter battles with other trainers, fight for control of gyms, and even hatch eggs. When it comes to battles in Pokémon Go, the outcome will depend on how strong a Pokémon is. The strength of a Pokémon is determined by its CP i.e., Combat Power. When you first start catching Pokémon, you will encounter ones with very low CP but as your level increases, you will start to see stronger Pokémon evolve around you. You will naturally be very excited when a high CP Pokémon appears but it will be harder to catch. If you can’t find a high CP Pokémon, you can evolve your current ones. Evolving a Pokémon not only gives you a lot of XP, but it also increases the Pokémon’s CP. The only problem is that evolution demands high resources i.e. lots and lots of candy that is Pokémon specific and the evolution might only result in a very minor increase in the CP. To prevent using resources on Pokémon that aren’t going to be worth it in the long run, use Pokémon Evolution Calculator to check how high a Pokémon’s CP will go if you evolve it.

Pokémon Evolution Calculator relies on the current CP of the Pokémon you want to evolve, and which one it is, to guess what it’s CP will be after evolving. The estimates aren’t 100% accurate but they come close enough for you to know if spending the resources i.e. candy, on a particular Pokémon is a good idea or not.

From the dropdown, select the Pokémon you’re looking to evolve, and it’s current CP. Click ‘Estimate CP’.

pokemon evolution calculator

Here are the results according to the app for a 15 CP Weedle.


We tested this out, of course, and the estimated CP was fairly close. I still got 1000 XP but the bug only gained 1 CP. Even if it had gained the predicted 18 CP, it wasn’t going to be a huge improvement. This is the kind of evolution you do when you’re trying to level up quickly and not when you’re investing resources in a Pokémon that you want to use in a fight.

weedle weedle-evolved-kakuna

For Pokémon with higher CP, the estimates might vary by more than just 2-3 CP units. The difference can be as high as 50 but in the larger scheme of things, this difference will still appear to be minor.

Visit Pokémon Evolution Calculator 

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