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How To Block A Number From Messaging You In iOS 10

iOS lets you block people from messaging and calling you. Up until iOS 9, the feature was pretty easy to use. Anytime you received a call from someone you didn’t want to talk to, or received an iMessage or text message, you could go to the details screen for the message or callĀ and find a ‘Block’ option on there. With iOS 10, blocking a number that keeps calling you works pretty much the same way but the process for Messages has changed. To block a number from messaging you, you have to first add it to your contacts and then block it from the Settings app. Here’s how.

Follow these steps;

  1. Open the Messages app and open a message thread for the number you want to block
  2. Save the number as a contact. If the number already exists as a contact, proceed to the next step. If you haven’t received any messages from a number that you want to block, add it as a new contact.
  3. Open the Settings app and tap ‘Messages’
  4. Scroll down to the ‘Block’ option.
  5. On the Block screen, scroll down to the very bottom and tap ‘Add New’
  6. Select the contact you want to block and save


If the number you want to block is both calling and messaging you, there is no need to add it as a contact. A number that’s called you can be blocked from the Phone app without adding it as a contact. If the annoying number is only messaging and not calling, that’s when adding it as a contact becomes necessary. This behavior is obviously odd because the block feature worked perfectly in iOS 9 without needing to add a number as a contact.

To block a number from the Phone app, tap the information ‘i’ button next to the number in your call log and scroll to the very bottom. Tap the ‘Block this number’ option and you will no longer receive calls or messages from it.

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