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How to get battery full alerts in Chrome

Battery charge alerts are pretty useful for monitoring the health of your battery. In cases where you’re dealing with an if-fy battery, or you need to check if your battery is charging too quickly, it helps to know when the battery has reached a full charge. You can use various apps and scripts to get battery full alerts but if you use Chrome, an extension called Battreminder can send those alerts as well.

The advantage of using a browser extension is that it doesn’t matter which OS you’re using. The extension uses your OS’ native notifications system. If you use a Chromebook, chances are high that this will work with it as well.

Battery full alerts

Install Battreminder from the Chrome Web Store. It adds an icon next to the URL bar that will tell you what the current battery percentage is.

Once your battery is fully charged, you will get an alert telling you your battery is full.

The extension doesn’t pester you with notifications. You will get one alert, and it’s up to you to unplug your laptop, or let it remain connected to a power supply. The extension also cannot be programmed to give you alerts when your battery reaches certain charge levels. It’s a one-trick pony though, if you’re using a Chromebook, you will like what it can do.

Needless to say this extension only works so long as you have the Chrome browser open. If you want it to continue working after you’ve closed Chrome, you can enable background apps to run in Chrome. To do so, open Chrome and click the more options button at the top right. Select Settings from the menu that opens. On the Settings screen, scroll to the bottom and expand the Advanced settings.

Under Advanced Settings, scroll down to the System section and enable the “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed” option. After you’ve enabled this option, you will continue to get full battery alerts via Chrome even if the browser isn’t running. You will also see Chrome as a running process in whichever task manager you use on your desktop. Additionally, Chrome will show a system tray icon to indicate that it’s running in the background. The browser will obviously consume system resources but the impact will be far less than if you had the browser open with multiple tabs, and other extensions actively working.

We don’t advise that you use this extension to gauge whether or not your battery is healthy. It is a battery monitoring tool and nothing more.

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