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Category Tabs For Google Keep Lets You Filter Notes By Color [Chrome]

If you use the web version of Google Keep over the Chrome app and find the color coding feature of the service useful then Category Tabs for Google Keep™ is a Chrome extension that you might want to check out. This simple little extension adds color filters for the notes and lists you’ve saved to Google Keep. A color label for each of the colors you can assign to a note is added to the yellow bar. Click any color label and the notes will automatically be filtered showing you only the ones that have been associated with the color you picked.

Install the extension and open Google Keep in your browser. You’ll see the color labels on the orange bar. Click a label and the notes in Keep will be filtered so that only notes that have been assigned the color that you clicked are shown. You can return to viewing all notes by clicking the All label. The filters are mutually exclusive; you can only view notes from any one color category e.g. you can view all notes that are in the yellow category but you can’t view notes from both the yellow and red category.

google keep color bar

Do you only use one or two of the color categories available in Keep and prefer to only see those options on the yellow bar? Visit the extension’s options and you can select which color labels should appear in Keep. You can access the options by going to chrome://extensions/ or by opening the sidebar and clicking Customize Categories.

category tabs settings

The extension has two limitations which aren’t so much limitations as they are caveats to using it. The color categories’ filter does not appear in the Google Keep Chrome app nor do they appear in the Android app and it’s obvious why.

The extension has one small bug; Google Keep has a responsive design so you can make the browser window as small as you like and still be able to see your notes but the extension doesn’t play nice when you make the browser window smaller. The labels begin to overlap each other because there isn’t enough room for them. The extension is no doubt useful and it does make one wonder why Keep doesn’t already have the option to filter notes by color.

Install Category Tabs for Google Keep™ From Chrome Web Store

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