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Check How Scary A Movie Is & Add Your Own Rating

Halloween is just a few days away and if you’re too old to go trick or treating, watching a good scary movie is a great alternative. The thing with a good scary movie is that, like comedy, it needs to be done very well. Where comedies rely on the worst of cliches to come across as funny, too many horror movies use little more than jump scares to terrify the audience. A good scary movie, one that will truly disturb you and have you checking under your bed for monsters, is hard to find. Meet ReelScary; a community powered website that lets users rate movies on how scary they are.

A quick warning to the readers; any movies we might mention in this review might be disturbing or inappropriate for younger viewers.

Reel Scary takes into account several factors that would qualify a movie as being scary such as gore, suspense, and how disturbing it is. Visit the site and look up a movie you’re interested in watching. The blood drop will indicate how scary the movie is by filling up to reflect its numerical rating.


If you scroll down further, you can see how gory, suspenseful, and disturbing it is.

ReelScary - rating

The site is new so while you can get ratings for popular or newer movies like It Follows, and The Ring, you won’t get them for the older ones like Night of the Living Dead, or an obscure one like Dead Girl. The Saw series is listed in full and rated but it’s possibly one of the most popular series of movies in the horror genre and you won’t need the ratings for it before you sit down to watch it.

Give the site a try and if you’re a fan of horror movies, consider signing up and rating the ones you’ve seen.

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